What Canada Really Needs #27 – Screening Politicians, Lawyers, Doctors, Judges and Police for Delusion, Sociopathy, Psychopathology, and Drugs

What Canada really needs 1 – 26

I have been really pissed off by this for a very looooooooong time.

Why do we not have a comprehensive empirical psychological screening process for Politicians, Lawyers, Doctors, Judges and Police to diagnose and weed out Delusion, Sociopathy, Psychopathology, and Drugs from these professions which are so vital to a true democracy?

Iget really pissed off every time I watch Harper and his buddies even for a few seconds, they are absolutely batshit crazy delusional sociopaths, and they are allowed to run a country?
They should actually be institutionalized.

The “leader” of my country believes in an invisible being, man shaped but apparently invisible except to his most trusted followers.This invisible being that the Prime Minister has delusions of supposedly has a grand ethereal estate protect by a private army with wings and swords. Somewhere in his life the Prime Minister was brainwashed by this wierd cult to believe that the invisible being really exists and if the PM sucks his dick just right throughout his life the invisible being will grant him everlasting life in the ethereal estates after he croaks. Furthermore, the cult trained him to believe that the invisible being and his winged militia gang have the most sophisticated telepathic surveillance system that is beyond the understanding of modern science and that using this the invisible being can monitor all of the humans on the earth at once and he will be immediately informed if any of his loyal or indifferent subjects masturbates or takes dick in their ass.

Of course, any intelligent well informed individual knows what a delusional crock of shite that is, but somehow he was allowed to apply for the job of PM even though he has this delusional belief system.

Honestly, the leader of our country should not be a position that is held by a human being who believes that the earth is 6000 years old and that dinosaurs are a puzzle set out by the invisible deity man to give his ant farm something to argue about.

OMG that is so FUCKED UP.

Science is based on observation.
Gravity falls. Dust settles. Time is measured in dust and carbon. The world is billions of years old. At the time of the dinosaurs the ancestors of humanity where about the size of a large raqcoon and looked like a cross between a hamster and a chimp. There are NO HUMAN BONES down in the layers of strata where the dinosaurs are!!!!
Things die, layers of silt build up, stratas form, humans were not human like at the time of the dinosaurs, we had no language then.
Humans were not created by a creator god.
We evolved.
This is not a theory, this is now established as FACT.

the leader of my country believes in this cult mythological being and the creation of the earth, and that the invisible deity thing hates humans who bumfuck.

How can someone so deluded be a Politician, Lawyer, Doctor, Judge or Police officer?
Their cult obviously has a lot of clout if they can take over all the administrative functions of our country and fill those posts with cult members who are properly brainwashed in the cult mythology.

So why don’t we have delusion, sociopathy, psychopathy, and drug testing for these important individuals?


The Bible is a bok of HEBREW MYTHOLOGY.
It has NO PLACE in a court, a parliament, or a hospital.
It is a book of fiction, delusion, discrimination, and hatred. It and its quotations should be banned from the courts and all government buildings.
It is completely delusional, and it promotes sociopathy against persons who are not inthe CULT.

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god is the wizards machine

 I tried to wiggle one ear up and one ear down
 while squinting into the morning sunlight
 I had a spliff burning
 and I really had not understood buddy at all
 in his explanation
 of “God”
 It was a bit too much of a meaningless ramble
 repeating things other people had told him
 I had listened well
 I heard every word
 but there is this spiritual path called Zen
 and I studied it long ago
 for a bit
 and in that austere simple struggle
 you learn that words can be strung together
 that seem to make sense
 but yet within the structure of the paragraph logic
 complete contradictions can be formed
 because words are just a tool of thought
 they are not thought themselves
 Yet I had listened to the young man for at least five minutes
 and listened well
 but he was really just babbling
 numbers and infinity and bullshit
 too much shitty drugs
 not enough reading
 “god is the Wizard’s machine” I said.
 He looked blank.
 “Dorothy. The wizard. Off to see the wizard.”
 He still looked blank.
 “Wizard of OZ”
 “Oh I heard of that, never seen it
 its like old stuff or something…”
 “Yeah. Exactly.”
 This was going to be a bit more difficult since he was unfamiliar with the particular cultural reference I was using to illustrate the metaphor.
 But I had to try, regardless of his inability to grasp it without prompting.
 I needed to practice my delivery for the next person anyway.
 Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Lion go off to find the Wizard.
 They are off to find God.
 They are on their Journey to find God, because everyone knows that god can do anything and each of them has a personal thing that they think God can help them with, to go home, get a brain, get courage, get a heart…etc.
 “Yeah, yeah, man, yeah and theirs the monkeys and shit eh and the witch”
 “Yup. Lotsa fucking monkeys.” The insinuation went right over his head like a Boeing. I didn’t elaborate on the monkeys. This guy would have trouble focusing on a full wrestling match.
 They travel across the landscape doing this and that and all this shit happens and they finally find the Wizard.
 And they walk inside, and there is the big huge face on the wall spouting smoke, and the big booming reverberating echo-voice of GOD/the Wizard booms out at them and they tremble and shake and the colored lights flash and the smoke billows and the thunder roars…
 until Toto pulls apart the curtain on the little booth and we see the old man operating the great Machine, fiddling and turning the dials to make the God machine go.”
 He’s looking sooooo blank but trying at this point. He realizes he’s failing a comprehension test of some kind, its showing in his eyes.
 They come all this way to find something, they go to the big Temple to find God/the Wizard. They are met by the Priest. The old man. The caretaker of the Temple.
 The Priest operates the God machine,
 he understands ethereal projection, telepathy, archetypal personal transformation, shapeshifting, energy pattern manipulation, kundalini, meditation, along with stagecraft, ritual practice, and the psychology of spectacles and illusions, and he/she pushes those levers to make the God Machine Show that gets everybody quaking with fear so he can live nice and quietly in his big temple with minimal fearful intrusions.
 Everyone around fears the Temple and the God Machine but everyone is trained that they have to go there to get what they think they need”
 He wasn’t getting it so I gave up.
 Total blank.
 At least Homer could understand Cheebuz.
 Not this kid.
 The truth of it is after everything in their adventures, when they find god, and realize he’s just a wise old man with some people skillz, they actually do complete their quest.
 They each find the thing they were looking for
 inside of them, with them
 they already had it
 they needed the Journey to the old priest to find God, in order to find that God is a projection of the old priests, and really they just needed to go to an old wise man in the first place to get some advice on how to find what they already had.”
 I relit my spliff
 because it had gone out
 I don’t think he was able to hold the nuances of that one.
 I need to sharpen the story a bit for the younger generation
 find a different
 cultural reference

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My Shitty Neanderthal Family

I am composing a new blog story
Its called
My Shitty Neanderthal Family and the TV version is My Neanderthal Family (TM)
Its in response to the news from my brother that I was “banished” from their loving arms for being “bad”
What happened was my shitty family fucked me over, had some doctors mutilate me, then burned all the documents and spent 20 years laughin while I tried to get some basic healthcare. And I’m the shityy human because I am about to sue.

When I was 14 I suddenly realized I was actually more intelligent than my mother who barely passed grade 12. When I was 16 I realized I was more intelligent than my father as well.

So I left The Swamp.

Meanwhile, while I spent 3.5 years living outside without healthcare, my mother has spent about $150k on church charities, about $60k taking grandkids to disneyland and other places, and of course$200k on her moron husband’s get rich quick schemes, and they want to cry poverty at me when I start to sue?

fucking non – evolved monkey neanderthals

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Informed Consent: Canada’s human rights on paper are not protected at all in reality, unless you are rich.

I am studying Law
and I will write in this article about the current state and case law regarding informed consent.
The conservatives don’t care about the fact that it is law.
This will take a couple of weeks. (WIP)
I’m sort of using it as a notepad, then I’m planning to rearrange it when I have all the quotes in one place.
I will attempt to link to every piece of case law listed or mentioned or even append certain sections to this document.

I believe this is a good use for a blog, you get to see my “thought processes” as I build my Statements of Claim and my Pleadings and try to find the $500 or so per case to begin things…

this is an interesting read as well:
THE LAW IN NAZI GERMANY Ideology, Opportunism, and the Perversion of Justice

Informed Consent is part of Negligence law:Thanks are due to Patricia Peppin and Phillip Osbourne for their introductions to Informed Consent and Tort Law.

…as many as 7.5% …treated in Canadian hospitals experience an “adverse result” – an unintended injury or complication that is caused by health care management rather than by disease that leads to death, disability, or prolonged hospital stays…40% were highly preventable…9,250-23,750 deaths could have been prevented in 2000. – G.Ross Baker “Canadian Preventable Deaths Study”

Breach of fiduciary duty may found an equitable claim against a physician …this may arise not only when the physician acts unconsciously or takes advantage of a patient,such as succumbing to a conflict of interest, but also when disregarding the patients interests – Norberg v. Wynrib,[1992] S.C.J. No. 60, 92 D.L.R. (4th) 449 S.C.C.

Malpractice liability may also arise for false arrest and imprisonment, such as through negligent or otherwise improper employment of powers of involutary detention under mental health legislation – Mullins v. Levy, [2005] B.C.J. No. 1878, 258 D.L.R (4th) 460 (B.C.S.C)

Elements of Negligence
1. The defendent owed the plaintiff a legal Duty of Care
2. The defendent breached that duty of care
3. The plaintiff suffered legally recognized damage
4. The damage was caused by the defendent’s breach of that duty of care

If physicians discriminate against…(prospective patients)…on grounds of race, age, or other prohibited grounds they may violate provincial human rights laws… – Korn v. Potter, [1996] B.C.J. No. 692, 134 D.L.R. (4th) 437 (B.C.S.C)

physicians may have a duty of care not to treat their patients but promptly to refer them to colleagues whose skills are more suited to the patients needs – Jaglowski v. Kreml, [2002] M.J. No. 334, 167 Man R. (2nd) 71 (Man. Q.B)

The duty to refer also applies regarding procedures in which physicians conscientiously object to participate. Failure of adequately informed consent can be actionable in negligence,, and may be found if a practitioner refuses or fails to disclose a legitimate choice of patient care because of the practitioner’s conscientious objection to participation in that choice – Zimmer v. Ringrose, [1981] A.J. No. 596, 124 D.L.R. 93rd) 215 (Alta C.A.) – CMA, Code of Ethics (Ottowa: CMA, 2004), ss 12, 19 – Reibl v. Hughes [1980] S.C.J. No.105, 114 D.L.R. (3rd) 1 (S.S.C.)

As private corporations, hospitals…bear both direct corporate and often vicarious liability for the medical and other care they accomodate and facilitate – Picard and G. Robertson, “Legal liability of doctors and hospitals in Canada”, 4th ed.

Limitations acts require plaintiffs to initiate complaints within a given time from when they actually knew that they have a cause of action. Limitation periods may be suspended during a patients disability. Action may therefore be initiated some time after the procedure complained of was performed – Patterson v. Anderson, [2004] O.J. No. 3619, 72 O.R. (3rd) 330 (Ont. S.C.J) – E. (D.) (Guardian ad litem of) v. British Columbia, [2005] B.C.J. No. 492, 252 D.L.R. (4th) 689 (B.C.C.A) – ter Neuzen v. Korn, [1995] S.C.J. No. 79, 127 D.L.R. (4th) 577 at 589 (S.C.C.)

The doctrine of informed consent has developed in the Law as the primary means of protecting a patient’s right to control his or her medical treatment…informed consent is plainly intended to ensure the freedom of the individual to make choices concerning their medical care. For this freedom to be meaningful, people must have the right to make choices that accord with their own values, regardless of how unwise or foolish those choices may appear to others. – Malette v. Schulman [1990] O.J. No. 450, 72 O.R. (2nd)417 at 423-24 (Ont. C.A.)

Participation in decision making provides the opportunity to excercise choice according to ones own values and beliefs rather than recieving treatment through paternalistic imposition of another’s treatment decisions. – P. Peppin

The doctrine of informed consent was developed as a judicial attempt to redress the inequality of information that characterizes a doctor patient relationship. – [1995] S.C.J. No. 104, [1995] 4 S.C.R. 634(S.C.C.)

(the tort of)Battery continues to be the appropriate action in situations where there is no consent at all or where the act exceeds the consent. – John G. Fleming on Reible v. Hughes, “The Law of Torts” – Reible v. Hughes, [1980] S.C.J. No. 105, [1980] 2 S.C.R. 80(S.C.C.)

Wrongful Sterilization see Leilani Muir, Muir v. Alberta, [1996] A.J. No. 37(Alta, Q.B)

…it is the patient’s decision and the doctor must equip the patient with the necessary information to make an informed choice…where more than one medically reasonable treatment existsand the risk/benefit analysis engaged by the alternatives involves different considerations, a reasonable person would want to know about(those)alternatives and would want the assistance of the doctor’s risk/benefit analysis of the various possible treatments before deciding whether to proceed with a specific treatment. – Van Dyke v. Grey Bruce Reg. Centre [2005] O.J. No. 2219(Ont. C.A.) leave to appeal refused [2005] S.C.C.A No. 335(S.C.C)

“Physicians rights to refuse to participate in medical procedures that offend their conscience may be incompatible with patients rights to recieve lawful medically indicated treatment” – Rebeccca Cook and Gerard M. Dickens “The Growing Abuse of Conscientious Objection”

The concept of therapeutic privilege was recognized by the Supreme Court in Reibl. It permits a physician to withhold or generalize information relating to the risks of treatment where its disclosure may cause psychological harm to the patient.The privelege has recieved a narrow interpretation and there is no Canadian case in which it has been successfully applied.(as a legal defense to negligence) – P.H. Osbourne, “The Law of Torts, Essentials of Canadian Law”

The duty to inform patients has been described with reference solely to physicians…the duty, however, rests on all health care professionals within their area of expertise or practice.- P.H. Osbourne, “The Law of Torts, Essentials of Canadian Law”

Deceit is (a tort action) established whenever a person has made a fraudulent statement that intentionally causes another person to rely on it to their detriment. – Pasly v. Freeman (1789), 3 term. Rep. 51, 100 E.R. 450(k.b.)

Three elements must be established in order to establish tortious assault: first, the plaintiff apprehended immediate physical contact, second, the plaintiff had reasonable apprehension (the requisite state of mind) and third, the defendant’s act of interference was intentional (the defendant intended the resulting apprehension). But intent for purposes of civil assault can be either general or specific. Specific intent means that when the defendant acted, he or she intended to cause apprehension of a harmful or unwanted contact. General intent means that the defendant knew with substantial certainty that the action would put someone in apprehension of a harmful or unwanted contact. While the law varies by jurisdiction, contact is often defined as harmful if it objectively intends to injure, disfigure, impair, or cause pain.The act is deemed offensive if it would offend a reasonable person’s sense of personal dignity. While imminence is judged objectively and varies widely on the facts, it generally suggests there is little to no opportunity for intervening acts.Lastly, the state of apprehension should be differentiated from the general state of fear, as apprehension requires only that the person be aware of the imminence of the harmful or offensive act. – wikipedia

Abuse of process is a cause of action in tort arising from one party making a malicious and deliberate misuse or perversion of regularly issued court process (civil or criminal) not justified by the underlying legal action. It is a common law intentional tort. It is to be distinguished from malicious prosecution, another type of tort that involves misuse of the public right of access to the courts. The elements of a valid cause of action for abuse of process in most common law jurisdictions are as follows: (1) the existence of an ulterior purpose or motive underlying the use of process, and (2) some act in the use of the legal process not proper in the regular prosecution of the proceedings.[1] Abuse of process can be distinguished from malicious prosecution, in that abuse of process typically does not require proof of malice, lack of probable cause in procuring issuance of the process, or a termination favorable to the plaintiff, all of which are essential to a claim of malicious prosecution.[2] “Process,” as used in this context, includes not only the “service of process,” i.e. an official summons or other notice issued from a court, but means any method used to acquire jurisdiction over a person or specific property that is issued under the official seal of a court.[3] Typically, the person who abuses process is interested only in accomplishing some improper purpose that is collateral to the proper object of the process and that offends justice, such as an unjustified arrest or an unfounded criminal prosecution. Subpoenas to testify, attachments of property, executions on property, garnishments, and other provisional remedies are among the types of “process” considered to be capable of abuse. – wikipedia

A tort consists of a wrongful acts or injury that leads to physical, emotional, or financial damage to a person in which another person could be held legally responsible.[1] The two main subcategories of tort law are intentional torts and unintentional torts…The main difference between intentional torts and unintentional torts is intent. An intentional tort is when a person intends to achieve a particular outcome that results in injury to people or damage to property, whereas an unintentional tort such as negligence, occurs when there has been a lack of duty of care or foreseeability that results in injury to people or damage to property.  – wikipedia

Intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED) is a tort claim…intentional conduct that results in extreme emotional distress…created in tort law to address a problem that would arise when applying the common law form of assault. The common law tort of assault did not allow for liability when a threat of battery was not imminent. A common case would be a future threat of harm that would not constitute common law assault, but would nevertheless cause emotional harm to the recipient. IIED was created to guard against this kind of emotional abuse, thereby allowing a victim of emotional distress to receive compensation in situations where he or she would otherwise be barred from compensation under the common law form…”intentional infliction of mental shock”…the willful nature of the act as a direct cause of the harm. Elements:Defendant acted intentionally or recklessly; and Defendant’s conduct was extreme and outrageous; and Defendant’s act is the cause of the distress; and Plaintiff suffers severe emotional distress as a result of defendant’s conduct…The conduct must be heinous and beyond the standards of civilized decency or utterly intolerable in a civilized society. Whether the conduct is illegal does not determine whether it meets this standard…the standard: the conduct must be such that it would cause a reasonable person to exclaim “Outrageous!” in response…Some general factors that will persuade that the conduct was extreme and outrageous (1) there was a pattern of conduct, not just an isolated incident; (2) the plaintiff was vulnerable and the defendant knew it; (3) the defendant was in a position of power; (4) racial epithets were used; and (5) the defendant owed the plaintiff a fiduciary duty. – wikipedia, [often pleaded as Nervous Shock(PTSD, etc.)in Canada]

In tort law, a duty of care is a legal obligation imposed on an individual requiring that they adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others. It is the first element that must be established to proceed with an action in negligence. The claimant must be able to show a duty of care imposed by law which the defendant has breached. In turn, breaching a duty may subject an individual to liability. The duty of care may be imposed by operation of law between individuals with no current direct relationship (familial or contractual or otherwise), but eventually become related in some manner, as defined by common law (meaning case law). Duty of care may be considered a formalization of the social contract, the implicit responsibilities held by individuals towards others within society. It is not a requirement that a duty of care be defined by law, though it will often develop through the jurisprudence of common law. – wikipedia


statement of claim. 1. COMPLAINT (1). 2. English law.
statement. (18c) 1. Evidence. A verbal assertion or nonverbal conduct intended as an assertion. 2. A formal and exact presentation of facts.
statement of cause of action. See STATEMENT (2). A plaintiff’s initial pleading in a civil case
PLEADING – 1. A formal document in which a party to a legal proceeding (esp. a civil lawsuit) sets forth or responds to allegations, claims, denials, or defenses. • In federal civil procedure, the main pleadings are the plaintiff’s complaint and the defendant’s answer.
STATEMENT OF FACT – A form of conduct that asserts or implies the existence or nonexistence of a fact. The term includes not just a particular statement that a particular fact exists or has existed, but also an assertion that, although perhaps expressed as an opinion, implies the existence of some fact or facts that have led the assertor to hold the opinion in question. See affirmative TESTIMONY.
STATEMENT OF FACTS – A party’s written presentation of the facts leading up to or surrounding a legal dispute…
informed consent. – 1. A person’s agreement to allow something to happen, made with full knowledge of the risks involved and the alternatives. • For the legal profession, informed consent is defined in Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.0(e).2. A patient’s knowing choice about a medical treatment or procedure, made after a physician or other healthcare provider discloses whatever information a reasonably prudent provider in the medical community would give to a patient regarding the risks involved in the proposed treatment or procedure. — Also termed knowing consent.
voluntary consent – Consent that is given freely and that has not been coerced.
IN MALA FIDE In bad faith. – “A possessor in mala fide is one who holds possession of a subject, in the knowledge that it is not his own, on a title which he knows, or has reasonable ground for believing to be a bad one.”
– blacks law dic.

Fear and anxiety are forms of assault damage which may also create a situation of battery as a cause of action.

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Legal Fiction: How Omissions in Legal Representation Form the Foundation of Fascist Canada’s Silent Softkill Genocides…

Human rights justice is a media fiction in Canada.
A fiction propogated by Rand and our “protected by the CRTC” media landscape of choose your channel mind programming

“Who, by act or omission…commits genocide…”
[“genocide” means an act or omission committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, an identifiable group of persons, as such, that, at the time and in the place of its commission, constitutes genocide according to customary international law or conventional international law or by virtue of its being criminal according to the general principles of law recognized by the community of nations, whether or not it constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission.]

Omissions in access to justice, healthcare, basic needs…
Omissions are active programs
by the abscence of their services
an action occurs

action T4

So much this one costs
the homeland
social parasites
and culturally colorful

I started long ago trying to get a lawyer
which is hard since I have no phone or $30 a month for a plan.
I use the Library for internet.

About 5 months ago now I decided I need a Human Rights lawyer and that I should start my litigations against Vancouver Coastal Health there. Much of my contacts and interaction in the past with employees or contractors of the VCH in pursuit of proper healthcare have been outline on my blogs and in other writings.

Since I am Intersex, as previously discussed, and having problems with gaining access to specialists knowledgeable about that congenital condition and the specifics thereof, I decided that I would either need a lawyer, or would have to hobble through 4 years of law school and become one.
Scenario 2 appears to be the only option.
I contacted the B.C. Coalition for Human Rights.
unfortunately, it seems their main business is not to help people gain access to legal representation for human rights abuses.
Their main business is to give workshops to corporate representatives and managers about how to bulletproof their HR against human rights abuse claims.
They did give me two names.
I pressed them and everyone else I have emailed to give me more names
but I only get two.

One lawyer works for one of the Vancouver coastal health clinics which I may need to sue, over the genocidal actions of some of its contracted employees.
So she works the the Action T4 program herself and is unacceptable.
The other lawyer whose name I was given
Has, in 5 months, done nothing, really.
Because I have no money.
So my access to law and representation to navigate the court system
is a fiction
a Legal Fiction

a vaporous

So, 5 more months
of daily pain
I have a bunch of bogus mental health crap on my medical records courtesy of Dr. Brown, Dr. COOPER and his relative, nurse COOPER(ala sga!), Patti Zettel, Dr. Wilsone, and of course, Dr. Rondeau who stuck his hand imy ass instead of ordering the ultrasound of my perineum that I asked for 12 visits straight.
And I actually can’t sue, anybody
because I don’t have access to legal representation
The “Human Rights” lawyer
actually trusts
the doctors and nurses
who, as I have stated clearly in previous accountings, made no tests or even VISUAL EXAMINATIONs of something I have posted a JPEG of!
I guess its a common camera artifact eh?
Across thousands of cameras?


The nice lady in the pet store was concerned
but when she heard I had to sue a doctor
or a few
she laughed sadly
being from america
“But this is Canada
You can’t sue a doctor in Canada.”

Apparently its common knowledge
their godlike status
priveleged protection
so privileged they can emulate Action T4
and no one can ever hope to sue them

It takes $40K to actually live and have transportation, communication, and other basics fully met. That is the base. From that a human slave who has been robbed or beaten or fucked over by an organized crime gang, a wealthy businessman, or a couple of doctors, has to slave somehow to gain about
$20K more
just to begin
to have access to “justice”
and there is still so much more
of the Legal Fiction
to wade through
from there.


for your reference:

Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act

S.C. 2000, c. 24

Assented to 2000-06-29

An Act respecting genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes and to implement the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, and to make consequential amendments to other Acts

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:


Marginal note:Short title

 This Act may be cited as the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.


Marginal note:Definitions
  •  (1) The definitions in this subsection apply in this Act.

    “conventional international law”

    « droit international conventionnel »

    “conventional international law” means any convention, treaty or other international agreement

    • (a) that is in force and to which Canada is a party; or

    • (b) that is in force and the provisions of which Canada has agreed to accept and apply in an armed conflict in which it is involved.

    “International Criminal Court”

    « Cour pénale internationale »

    “International Criminal Court” means the International Criminal Court established by the Rome Statute.


    « fonctionnaire »

    “official”, in respect of the International Criminal Court, means the Prosecutor, Registrar, Deputy Prosecutor and Deputy Registrar, and the staff of the organs of the Court.

    “Rome Statute”

    « Statut de Rome »

    “Rome Statute” means the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court adopted by the United Nations Diplomatic Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court on July 17, 1998, as corrected by the procès-verbaux of November 10, 1998, July 12, 1999, November 30, 1999 and May 8, 2000, portions of which are set out in the schedule.

  • Marginal note:Words and Expressions

    (2) Unless otherwise provided, words and expressions used in this Act have the same meaning as in the Criminal Code.


Marginal note:Binding on Her Majesty

 This Act is binding on Her Majesty in right of Canada or a province.


Marginal note:Genocide, etc., committed in Canada
  •  (1) Every person is guilty of an indictable offence who commits

    • (a) genocide;

    • (b) a crime against humanity; or

    • (c) a war crime.

  • Marginal note:Conspiracy, attempt, etc.

    (1.1) Every person who conspires or attempts to commit, is an accessory after the fact in relation to, or counsels in relation to, an offence referred to in subsection (1) is guilty of an indictable offence.

  • Marginal note:Punishment

    (2) Every person who commits an offence under subsection (1) or (1.1)

    • (a) shall be sentenced to imprisonment for life, if an intentional killing forms the basis of the offence; and

    • (b) is liable to imprisonment for life, in any other case.

  • Marginal note:Definitions

    (3) The definitions in this subsection apply in this section.

    “crime against humanity”

    « crime contre l’humanité »

    “crime against humanity” means murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, imprisonment, torture, sexual violence, persecution or any other inhumane act or omission that is committed against any civilian population or any identifiable group and that, at the time and in the place of its commission, constitutes a crime against humanity according to customary international law or conventional international law or by virtue of its being criminal according to the general principles of law recognized by the community of nations, whether or not it constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission.


    « génocide »

    “genocide” means an act or omission committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, an identifiable group of persons, as such, that, at the time and in the place of its commission, constitutes genocide according to customary international law or conventional international law or by virtue of its being criminal according to the general principles of law recognized by the community of nations, whether or not it constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission.

    “war crime”

    « crime de guerre »

    “war crime” means an act or omission committed during an armed conflict that, at the time and in the place of its commission, constitutes a war crime according to customary international law or conventional international law applicable to armed conflicts, whether or not it constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission.

  • Marginal note:Interpretation — customary international law

    (4) For greater certainty, crimes described in Articles 6 and 7 and paragraph 2 of Article 8 of the Rome Statute are, as of July 17, 1998, crimes according to customary international law. This does not limit or prejudice in any way the application of existing or developing rules of international law.


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>> Dear Christopher Taylor:
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Discount Dildos

So I was a little drunk and kinda stoned
and I had an extra 20 bucks
so I thought I should get a dildo
because organic cucumbers  and zucchinis
eventually decay
Anyways, I was pretty loaded but coherent
and I walked into this dyke dildo store in my neighborhood
Its a serious dyke shop
so I was a bit scared
but I trudged on in
There was this pretty little skinny dyke girl with one of those hitler hairdos that thom yorke sings about running the shop
I asked her if boys were allowed
And she sniggered a little and said yes with a slightly sarcastic wry little smile
so I’m standing there
I got about $30 I can spend
but I guess I’m in a “boutique”
because I’m standing there
trying to focus(because I have extremely bad eyesight and no glasses)
I’m looking ahead of me
and the isle has about 5 dildos
in presentation displays
and these things are REALLY scary
they’ve got veins, and extruding flanges
the perfect textured rubber/neoprene with the throbbiest vibes inside them, or so the display promised
hardcore jerk off science
I was sooooo scared.
There was no way one of those little ribbed things was going anywhere near my butt.
and they where all over $350.
I had sticker shock on top of the ribbed vein science prod fear.
I looked at the pretty little sourpuss beside me
she was amused
There was no way I would ever let her peg me
She just wasn’t gentle at all
I said
“Don’t you have a Discount Dildo section?”
A huge smile crossed her sour little face
“oh, yes, over here.”
She points
I look
There is one dildo there
about 5.5 inches, very slim
with a base, and wires running into it
She says
“Its $50″
I look at it
then her
“That’s a LOT more expensive than a cucumber”
I said.

As I walked out
I wondered drunkenly if it was just a front for laundering drug money with fake $400 dildo sales.
Oh well. I know there’s a $10 one a little Sister’s
its just plastic…

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Low end game design: idtech 4

I haven’t written about idtech in my game designer exploration for a very good reason
The idtech boyz do military sims
they have incredible gear
and their games have always ground down the best consumer machines of the day of their release
I finally decided to give them a good look, choppy framerates and all

They have beautiful rendering in the game engine, they support normal, bump, and specularity maps
Models and animations are done in Lightwave by the developers but you can use other things and milkshape converts to and from md5
I used this:


it has a 6 page step by step tutorial about exporting an animated mesh from LW
but you can model in something else and use either milkshape or lw to convert
or mirex’s Biturn http://mirex.mypage.sk/FILES/bi088.rar
but for anything other than an animated mesh, importing and mapping is really easy
I have a thing called the doom material editor which helped with surface flags (translucent, mirror, two sided, etc.) but straight textures and mapping meshes is easy
a lot can be done in 3d coat or another package with just the 4 image maps
the uv’s are all that matter.

That’s the level editor
I hate it
I’ve always hated it
I think I always will.

Too much clicking, a nonstandard interface, its just wierd to me.
But I suffered through and can use it enough to do what I need.

Optimizing levels is hard
On even a small room, one misoptimized mesh or large texture can slag the FPS.
But its pretty, and it has bumps.
oooh. bumps. so nice…

the bumps on the chest and the legs scales are 3d coat normal and bump

Material definition files allow textures to consist of diffuse, bump and specular on brush materials
a huge bonus!

This is the game mesh
very low polys

none of the work that makes this look like in game is done to the mesh
the only thing being modified are the 4 image maps for diffuse colour, normal tangent space, specular, and height/depth maps, no polygons are harmed in the process in any way.
I simply added the 4 new images to the folder where the other image maps were and changed the lines in the the material file to point to the new files
What the flamboyant dude here is showing us is specularity
the diffuse colour image map below is completely devoid of purple
all of the purple on the dude is coming from the specular colour map
which I made purple to see how much the specular colour affects the look
I have read that putting colors opposite the diffuse gives interesting effects.
from opening the md5 file to extract the low poly mesh for texturing to exporting the maps from 3d coat and changing the material file took 20 minutes to make the standard marine tech look all bumped out and green with purple specularity.

Image046This image is again showing the power of specularity as the reflection in the mirror of the painting behind the player has large black areas that are raised and shiny – specularity and bump on a blog surface! The blog is a single 6 sided polygon, yet we are getting rendered bump and specular lighting detail in that space.
The mirror is pretty but it slams the framerate.




it also comes with an sdk which has a visual c++ solution
not as easy as the unreal scripting
but you can do everything you want because its GPL
I was able to load it into VC++ 2005 express just fine

creating new entities requires you to write a definition file
which is basically a class extension script
and that can be done without any compiling
but you can’t just click in the editor and extend a class
you have to manually write a .def file

ITs not as easy to extend the programming without actual visual c++, but importing bum[p mapped meshes alone makes it a big favorite.

It is SOOOOOOOO picky about leaking light in rooms
make backup copies always as you go

but its pretty
even though its a military sim
no civilians if that’s what your game is
but good for outer space and alien stuff.

the gui materials totally rock too.

The simple low poly mesh shown earlier, plus these 4 image maps below, creates the interesting final result in the game engine.
The original diffuse and local space tangent normal map are seen as well as the modified maps. The specular is the stock one, with simple colorization and spinning the hue to the opposite of green, increasing the contrast, and lowering the brightness. If it was even lowered more the results would be more subtle.
Maybe 40 minutes was spent to create the demonstration here, and the original mesh was never touched, it was only used as a reference base for the uv painting in 3d coat.
Beyond the need for optimization and frugal shader use, the idtech 4 engine gives beautiful color, bump, and light rendering. The normal maps rock.
Its GPL so you can create your own games with it without a license, but you would have to strip away the Prey, Quake4 or Doom3 related assets.
The hud and PDA/video/audio log system is accesible.
The editor sux. Maybe you could make a better one. When everyone else was using radiant on Quake 1 and 2 maps I was using hammer and glad to not be as ‘leet as them. I can’t right click and get the properties of an object, yet they insist on taking up about a thousand pixels of my screen space with f#$%#$% windows toolbars and window decorations. Grrr. Programmer geeks just don’t get interface design. I will one day create an intelligent editor that will just make a bloody room with a door and you can drag out to extend the hallways, double click to make new roooms or caves, or buildings, and right click bloody everything and drag its handles to wet your panties. But I swore I would never become a programmer.
Map sections can be built completely in a 3d package as long as you can save it into .lwo or .ase with uv mapping. I think that’s why they neglect the editor, they actually design large sections of maps directly in a 3d package like maya, lightwave, or max.
BSP is very picky in idtech4, save often.
There isn’t a conversation system, and there are no real civilian assets, so if your game is not military in nature you would have to make an md5 workflow and import some character assets.
A couple vehicles are included, but they are military as well.
There is a vehicle mod for Doom 3 that has a nice regular jeep in it that works good, and I believe that mod can be tweaked into quake 4, but there doesn’t seem to be one there by default, just the walker and the tank.
I personally haven’t figured out the head system yet. I think the entiy .def files for each soldier that isn’t generic contain the specific heads, decals, etc. but they often share the same base mesh.
In contrast, if you were to use Deus Ex to previs your design you have approximately 90+ discreet civilians to start with that are already subclassed. But it isn’t GPL.

I like the Prey engine and assets,
which is basically the same as Doom 3 and Quake 4
but I like the gravity mechanics and the base creatures/entities
Note the line in the config file
everything elde is set at high quality
but I had to set this flag to “0” in order to use the uncompressed TGA textures instead of the DDS ones
I copuld not successfully make a normalmap into a dds for prey
so I set this flag and voila!
I now have uncompressed textures and normal maps on my dead alien
as you can see by the ostentatious pink and red bumpy lines made in 3d coat
I also gained a 3x longer load time
It was worth it.
notice the bumps and different coloured cells on the gun as well
you can tweak a lot of the glow effects with simple images
and it has texture swaps for bloodied versions as you can see by the farther dead alien that has a dark purple head and yellow on his legs.
I accidentally whacked the tooth alpha as you can also see.
I understand from exploring this that you could basically put anything from doom 3 or quake 4 or prey all into the same base engine and it will work with tweaking.
I am unable to successfully run the prey editor and dark radiant doesn’t like its textures, but all of these examples are just done with image maps and no modelling or level changes.
I am trying to get the editor to run and if I find the secret where it doesn’t freeze my video card and force me to restart, I’ll pass it along, beause the gravity effects are fun for puzzles.
I think I might even become hooked on idtech 4 if I can optimize the game rendering settings a bit.
The main drawback is the need to use a complex debugging and compiling environment for building in anything that isn’t in the engine.
And radiant. Ugh.
I think a lot of people would use idtech 4 for development if it had the following:
1. A new editor with a decent fullscreen texture browser,
2. gui’s for layered image map material creation and management.
3. an entity subclassing/creation dialog
4. disable advanced shaders and make a dx9c compatible version based on minimal shader use and the focus on image maps for texturing.
5. Some prefabs and a few civilian characters
6. Make a stripped down idtech 4 that contains a couple of weapons and characters and maps that are gpl as well. Remove it from its d3/q4/prey base.
7. Package it with a minimal IDE and a compiler. That VC++ along with the windows platform sdk is about 2 G. There must be another solution.
8. A dialog tree with triggers woulkd expand it.
9. Some code examples or updates, like regular vehicles, rpg style inventory management, etc. in templates.
With one of these 3 games as a base there is plenty of assets to tell a story with or previs, but stripping and repackaging the game is difficult and so you would be stuck with modding them unless you stripped and repackaged it yourself.


There is also an MD5 plugin for blenderand a script for max for exporting at Katsbits http://www.katsbits.com/
simply adding a glow texture and linking to it with a blend add function gives you some great effects. The glow image can be small 64×64 or large and intricately detailed. In the script you see rgb 1, zero is black and point sizes are in between. This section can also link to an equatio, trigger or function to increase the glow dynamically according to parameters initiated in the game, such as glowing turning on or of according to an entity death or a trigger.. but 1 or less just makes the image glow. R,G,B can also be set each on a line with its own value for simple colour altering of the glow. glow images should be mostly black and you can use the diffuse map as a guide to draw them.
if you look in the editor image, the holes on the wall there are not geometry, they are a normal mapped and bumped material on a flat geometric block.
This is the shortcut string you need to use for prey editor. The multisample flag is necessary or it will flake.
PREY.exe +set r_fullscreen 0 +r_gamma 1 +set r_multiSamples 0 +editor +set fs_game cdtmod

If you are going to work with idtech 4 and don’t have lightwave, this tool called noesis may help you with the MD5 format.


My next round of tests is something I’ve been working on for a number of years, but was waiting for the engine rendering to be good enough, I am going to make a virtual gallery using UT2k4 and another using idtech4 and see how just a simple room with paintings renders in each engine.

So in looking for a base engine to start building a game on, it matters whether you can modify it and also sell a game built on it without paying exorbitant licensing fees.
The base Idtech4 engine is now about 10+ years old.
I believe the terms of its use are basically that you can make and distribute and sell your game provided that you also allow your code base to be viewed and modified. If you don’t want anyone to be able to have your base code modifications you would be breaching gpl and have to pay licensing fees.
The idech4 source code was released many years ago with nothing serious coming from it.
I was wondering why.
So I downloaded all the main forks of idtech4 and compiled them.
iodoom compiled but sucked
the gpl base compiled, but a lot of new code for multiprocessing is in the BFG edition of the code so I looked for a fork off that.
The base Doom3-BFG-Master repository did not compile on VS2010 with an error in the joint section of model.h, which has significant differences from the base d3 version so you can’t just use the old one.
I then found RBDOOM-3-BFG-master, which contains all of the BFG edition code, adds some glshaders that are good on newer cards, and the author of the fork has made some effort to clean up and organize the source. It compiled and ran with some gl errors in the exe, but it did run. Download the master zip at the repository here https://github.com/RobertBeckebans/RBDOOM-3-BFG
RBDOOM-3-BFG-master also needs a program called cmake as the base build is made from a linux source and can be used to make a cross compiling(it will create windows and mac binaries as well) build on a linux machine, but I was using vs2010 in all its disgusting bloated glory in xp and I was able to generate a working vs2010 solution from the source in the zip repository by using the win32 cmake gui.
For those of you that hate microstink, you can actually compile this doom3 engine on a linux box with no microsoft libraries and no vc2010. vc2010+dx_sdk+MSWinSdk=4.5G!!!
I hate the MS IDE and libraries, I believe it is possible to compile idtech4 D3BFG on windows using mingw with a couple small community made libraries and the scons project. I am currently examining this other method of compiling in windows with cygwin/mingw and an alternative IDE. Bloated ide’s bug me soooo much.
The RBDoom project has solutions for the eclipse IDE as well as VC express from 2002 to 2012.
I found if you copy the bloated directx sdk folder to the projects folder you are building life get easier.
Anyway, I blah blah blahed this and that and ended upp with a nicely compiled executeable which works as well as I can see at this point.
The main problem with idtech 4 is no one has built a nice base package for it
it comes with no interface or anything and there is no set of base template content or even a player model.
No one has stepped up and made a base package yet
because a list of necessary startup assets isn’t there yet.
If you want build a game from scratch and sell it, RBDOOM-3-BFG-master might compile properly for you to build off.
You are on your own from there though, as documentation is sparse and other user support in forums is a non newbie friendly geekzone of hardcore programmers. RBDoom is the neatest and most organized.
A nice thing about idtech4 is that many entity definitions can be created with scripts, so with a good basic package you could extend the game and use it quite well without recompiling the base solution.
I personally find Q-Dir useful for copy-pasting paths and notepad++ indispensible for browsing the source directories. You can make a Doom 3 source workspace and have the different dev builds under different projects there and load the folder structure into the project. N++ also loads the image and model folder structures which helps in pasting filenames into the scripts you are working with.
Maybe someone could make a bare set of assets for D3 like Torque3D has.

You might be able to build off torque from MIT, many people have made games with it and it is a flexible engine with working (Swap RGB in the nvidia filter without inversions, as you see from the orange not blue .dds) normal mapping. It builds and runs fast on my machine and you can actually be up and running in minutes with your own dev build.
If you are not really a code person, but want to begin to get your feet wet, Torque is really very good. The core emty and full projects are about 350 megs and all the source is simplistic and available. It is the opposite of idtech, but of course, idech4 looks better than the older Tribes engine powering the free Torque.
The editor gui itself is ceated with scripts and all gui elements and the assets of the entire engine and editors are modifiable without recompiling anything. It can generate project files for other IDE’s, but I find notepad++ fine for browsing through it and xnview for browsing the image elements.
Someone needs to write some importers for it as you need to basically use an older version of xsi to write nice .dae files for it as it has no other import modules, but it does have nice performance with large normal and texture maps. Terrains are very smooth at about 5k, and there is vehicle and flying machine code.



I’m starting to warm up to Torque a lot. I like the open perspective interface that runs the game logic as you are building. I don’t like the .dae only 3d import, but if you use softimage xsi 6 or above the collada 1.4 import/export woks excellent and all clusters, nulls, mount points, lights, textures, etc. transfer well. I have been unable to find any other 3d package with .dae support that transfers things back and forth to torque, but I began my 3d explorations with softimage 3D from the irix to NT port 20 years ago.

The Torque world editor has an EXCELLENT shape editor for imported meshes. As you can see, you can ADD MOUNT POINTS and nulls and clusters and bones! It is so excellent to be able to add a mount point, light, camera point, particle emission null, etc. right in the editor and move the positions of them without having to load up the design package again.

Image082 Image083
The old softimage I learned on:

It loads in Maya nice, but Maya 2012 only exports the 2012 fbx, not a collada 1.4 compliant DAE file.
I personally believe that OBJ should be the standard and they should make it work in all game engines.
Unfortunately I find myself using 3dsmax9 .ase files in idtech because I haven’t got the same LW version.

The big trick to using Torque is that the game engine and physics is running in the editor, so you can walk the player off the edge in the editor or drive a vehicle off and they will keep falling forever with no quick respawn to their starting spot. You have to alt-c to the world cam, position the camera above a platform or terrain, and drop the player at the camera point, with vehicles you select them in the scene tree and crtl-x then crtl-v while the world cam is over a platform.

It is also imperative that you make a zip of your base full and blank torque projects, as it is easy to break things in the gui or scripts at first, so being able to blow away the 260 meg full project folder and restore it from the zip is essential.

I have a 6 gig base backup of my idtech modding folders!

There is also OGRE3D and Irrlicht but they are very geek oriented game engines. If you want to use ogre3d thoug, with its bump and normal mapping and even occlusion mapping, then this is a better start: Ogre-Irrlicht GameKit which is not just the bare bones ogre, but has OGL, animation, mouse, sound, bones, physics, etc. all linked up already as you can see on the left of the VS2010 in the background which was used to compile it. Its a good starting base and it compiled and ran better right off than the base ogre which has nothing linked up by default. be Warned, both ogre and irrlicht use the horrible online only wiki docs that GNU crap is famous for, so you can’t study unless you download all the pages of dox you want. I have an offline dev box so its a super pain. But GameKit made me happy with Ogre3d as it compiled and ran perfectly.
Image076I like this the best in the repository:
Its blender 2.5 with the gamekit latest build installed and the executeable for both dx and pure ogl.
I am currently working on im[plementing the bump mapping normal map shaders to import files.
Anything that can import into blender will go into it!!!
It is waaaaay cool.


http://code.google.com/p/gamekit is the main repository

Image080 Image081

I figured out the .dds localmap problem so I can work with the compressed normal maps in my mod folder, speeding up dev test time:
Doom 3 uses the ATI compressionator program
not the nvidia dds tools

from katsbits:

The UberCompression filter needed by this tutorial to get correctly functioning RxGB compressed normal maps (with or without alpha channels (masks)) for Doom 3 powered games has been removed from the general application interface. At time of writing it’s not known if the ability to compress via the command line method is still viable.

To create ‘correctly’ compressed DDS files download the Compressonator v1.21 from the link provided below.

Please note: this is the officially released version of the tool and not some hacked and redistributed file. It is provided in a zip file ‘as is’..

Download idtech 4 compatible Compressonator from katsbits

Note : There’s a potential problem some may have when installing the Doom 3 compatible version of the Compressonator onto a fresh Windows (cleaned) install. Apparently ATI didn’t include a couple of commonly used DLL files in the *.msi self extracting installer as they were most likely relying on the missing files to have been installed by other programs. It does mean however, the program errors out because it can’t find them.

There is a temporary ‘fix’ for this (reported but not doubled checked) which requires the installation of the new version of the Compressonator, which does appear to include the missing DLL files. However, once that is installed it (and the DLL files placed) it may need to be uninstalled as it potentially causes conflicts with the older version. A recent test with both applications installed didn’t reveal any problems so this may not effect everyone if indeed anyone.

What are DDS exactly? ^

DDS is an acronym for ‘Direct Draw Surface’ and as you might guess from the reference to ‘Direct Draw’, it’s part of Microsoft’s graphics ‘API’ (Application Program Interface) for their Windows operating system environment; Direct X to you and me!. What it’s for, or rather, what it does, is allow content creators the ability to compress images using a number of different algorithms depending on the needs of the content originators; Doom 3 powered games for instance use 3 different algorithms for the assets used in game; DXT1, DXT3 and DXT5. This tutorial will cover DXT5 and the compression of a localmap (normalmap).

Another tool that is useful is Njob

And I often use a couple of the extra utilities in xNormal

As an ending?
I actually think I am switching to idtech 4 since I am a bump map normal map fanatic.
If I could get basic profile occlusion from the normal mapping I would be in heaven.
Its not such a great engine for large outdoor stuff,
but the patch meshes, glow textures, normal maps, triggered and emissive textures, and nice specularity effects rock. I like every test map I have better than the ut ones.
The vehicle support sux, but its there
So I’m going to start building from there…



At the end of this I will say.
I am converted.
I now have cast aside Valve Source and UDK
and I am converted to idtech 4

I swear that in 2 years I will actually know all of the code in this executeable
and because of the BEAUTIFUL normal mapping and material capabilities I will be concentrating on it almost exclusively.
Because I realized when using the Far Cry editor and comparing an island in that to the original MYST island
and I decided
at least until I have a rig that will run Skyrim modded
that I like smaller map sections anyway

in short
idtech 4 looks better than UDK for indoor and small things
and there is no % licensing once you’ve stripped out the assets and made your own
which is eventually the goal

And UDK will not install or build stufff on a win xp pentium 4 single processor with 256 meg vid card in ogl 1.4
Idtech 4 WILL! At a base install of about
60 megs with everything stripped and base assets.

It will run on almost anything if you optimize your textures to DDS
and normal map/specular map rendering is the key to making depth and texture for your users
You can get Prey, Doom 3 BFG, or Quake 4 very cheap nowadays to get started with modding in the engine.

I am currently trying to make a system shock 2 style level, since there are lots of zombies to work with.

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3d stuff

I found a new favorite program to go along with zbrush and silo.
its called 3D-coat and creates advanced normal and bump maps on low poly meshes.
Its fantastic


check out the free MakeHuman project


all generated meshes have identical polygon counts and poly orders so you can shape morph between them


I really like makehuman, version .9 has a different mesh worth checking too.

If you use silo
this Silo Head Pack is a great learning and experimenting base:


silo head packThese are not my heads, you can search for Silo Head Pack and find the guy easy. They are awesome to study.

I’ve been experimenting with using 3d coat to make paths and details on UT2K4 terrain static meshes


You can see the low poly mesh subdivided once from a lwo hypernurbs in siloImage015_1

All the detail is from the normal mapping and bump!
Its the same meshImage016_1

Image018_1 Image019_1 Image020_1


Image006_1 Image007_1  Image009_1   Image003_1see how the low poly mesh looks fantastic with the normal map details?
Image021_1The blobby was made in 3d coat with the voxel sculpting
this was then imported into zbrush after being optimized from 240000 polys down to 70000 polys and the normal map was applied as displacement in zbrush. The red is to track contours for uv mapping which had to be flipped on the u or v on import into zbrush. So I have imported texture and depth into zbrush.




Image025_1the 4 maps for a doom weapon model can be exported directly from 3d coat right into the mod folder
the mesh was extracted from the md5 using a lightwave export pugin and the normal and texture maps from the game load directly into 3d coat with mapping active
very nice

Image026_1the voxel sculpting is cool for roots and muscles and pipes and stuff

Image027_1doom 3 machine gun 3d coated.
Killing zombies is better with a pink machine gun.
As you can see below I haven’t pinkified the world mesh yet, just the view model.

Image032_1 Image033_1
These are from Celestia, the best solar system universe sim with nasa connections
it is way cool..






this is just a wierd thing I’m doing in max 9 with displacement on a plane
then I used c4d because I could get a denser plane mesh
the last is a zbrush displacement, which is hard to tweak
and here is a youtube version of a different painting with animation:



conv2Yed is a tool you can use to create dialog maps

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Feeding fascism: Canada’s Death Squads of “God’s Warriors” get fat off your charity.

Canada’s genocides,
aren’t really genocides
I’ve often thought about that

witches, pagans, atheists, socialists, queers
those aren’t races
they’re just
“social groups”

so that’s not
according to Harper
only the Attorney General
can call something a genocide
that’s why on paper
we don’t have any
but in reality
we have so many
so many fascist genocides
occurring right now
as the conservatives entrench
killing off their enemies and opponents
and anyone who isn’t
a “good” christian.

God’s Warriors can rape witch girls
Rob and murder faggots
You give them money for charity
toys, food for the poor
God’s warriors pretend to help
all smiles and tattoos
but the best food and toys that are donated
the ones still packed
frozen meat
no poor person ever gets those
God’s Warriors sell them
Meat draws at the legion
Food resold in businesses of the clan
take food donated to poor people
resell it to them
more money for the
Death Squads of Canada

Grey beards and harleys
rape your little girls
if they start studying Wicca
turn them into whores
make meth and crack addicts of your children

To God’s Warriors
all your girls are whores
unless you’re married
you are
a whore

Union Jobs for all of them
while the Dictator gloats
his buddies scooping 3 billion+ away
Where did it go?

Let’s not talk about it
Prorogue and delay
we’ve almost killed them all off
driven them away

We couldn’t believe it
not here
but really
Canada became a puppet state years ago
and all dictators of puppet states
need Death Squads to remove their opponents
Everyone does it
Harper smiles

Sig Heil!
Pay the unions Death Squads billions
Ensure the drugs flow freely for them
through our airports and dockyards where they work
I can’t get on a plane with c4 up my ass
but somehow that 2 tons of coke
landed and drove right off the tarmac
I can’t walk along the shoreline anymore
Because of “security”
but behind all the cameras and fences
the 20 tons of coke and heroin
make it through every month
and get on the privatized trains and trucks
filling the pockets of fascism

I guess the cops standing guard
are for show

Canada is great at that
pretending to be human rights advocates
while we remove the enemies of the fascist government
The queers and witches and lefties.

God’s warriors hate socialism
less than 1 in 10 could even spell it
never mind understand its necessity
followers cannot think

Its much easier to do what you are told
It is required amongst God’s warriors
The Rapist – murderers
robbers and thieves

The fascist death squads of canada
don’t think of themselves that way
they see themselves as a necessity
raping little witch girls is necessary
robbing queers is “gawd’s will”

any way they can do it.

We had a country
of color
and culture
we had independent cinema
coffee shops full of lefties and musicians
all tracked down and burned

Just like all dictatorships
Harper would like to pretend
that’s “God’s Warriors”
raping our country
and sucking CIA cock for all they can get out of it
he pretends they are just

and then
he signs the deals
to ensure their union jobs
and security
rewarding them
for their hard work.

Here in my neighborhood
Christy and Harper
give out a couple million dollars a year
right into the pockets of the fascist gangster
racist homophobic drug dealers pockets

The government leases spaces from them.
Pours money into the PNE,
full of red union rapist gangsters
pays $20K a month for rent
to the crack and meth selling italian fascists
to have places for government services

Those 50% of Canadian women raped?
That is genocide
I bet 80% of them were pagans of some kind
or dykes
definately they were mostly
so they were whores
to the “Boyz”

The “Boyz” run Canada with impunity
it is not a democracy
20% of the humans in our country voted for our Aryan Despot.

That’s about what hitler had
in his minority gov’t
then he paid the union boyz
and the punks/street gangs and doctors and police
to kill the hippies and witches and queers and retards
and all of his opponents
swamp their gatherings
and make them flee
those people were already dead or displaced
by the time he got to the jews.

The “Boyz”,
“God’s Warriors”
many of whose great grandfathers
fought hitler
and killed nazis
They all love the power of fascism now

Git er dun
and don’t ask questions
we have fascism to feed.

Let’s all sit
and watch GlobalTV
Feed fascism to our children
well produced fascist television
full of smiles and laughter
for your children
make sure they all salute
and say yes sir!
everyone learn to be good little slaves
cocksuckers for uncle sam
start them young
“their place”

Everyone of the fascists
“donates” to the red and the black
the charities of fascism
keep payin g it back to their brothers
laundering the money around
for the boyz
global, variety, sunshine, canwest,
your provincial capital
has their recreational acreage
less than 10 miles away

The Death Squads
at the feet of the kings

we can’t get rid of the King’s Dragoons
God’s Warriors
are performing a service
for the kings
keep the slaves in line
rape and beat and rob and harass them
they will go away
and the Dragoons
will never sit in jail for long
when they’ve done crime in the service
of the kings

Stand in court and see for yourself
the fascist court
does not recognize justice
she is blind
so she can be robbed
with her eyes bound
she cannot see
the handsigns in court
messages to the kings men
that corrupt our courts
with the dragoons influence

without a gutter
and hunger and poverty
their is no stick
to ensure the masses behave
they have to see
the poverty
or they will not work as hard
and the Dragoons would not be able
to thrive

Give your charity
to the Salvation Army
God’s Warriors
in the service of the queen
burning all of you around them
the helpful biker gangsters
shovelling your charity into the mouths and pockets
of the Boyz
God’s Warriors
the righteous rapist killer theives and pimps
none of whom could read 10 pages of Kant or Hegel or Sartre or NIN

God’s Warriors don’t read
they burn boooks
and watch sports

We became fascists so silently
we still burn books by the thousands every month
but it is done quietly in the basements of libraries
by on call workers with a high turnover
taking the books that are
“Removed from Circulation”
not broken, or damaged

tearfully the tells me of his work there for years
ripping apart hardcover books of translated poetry
with full color plates
sending them
to the furnace
ostensibly so “they can’t be resold”
or given to poor people
who read and still create
personal libraries

Truth be told
more books have been destroyed here
in canada
in the last decade
than the nazi’s burned

its just done quietly
union efficiency
at night
in basements
of institutions with furnaces
and smokestacks

Fascists always relabel their actions
It’s not a burning
its a removing
ita all right now
carry on…

Just as in the past
Fascists are clean
Efficient, boisterous, happy,
every picture of fascists I have seen
They are smiling
The superior gang of thugs
Focused on science and sports
and war
lots of war

Where fascism grows
no culture can exist
music, art, dance, film, poetry,
fascists hate these things
unless they are vapid spectacles
devoid of content

culture is dissent from slavery
it makes people come together
creates community
community is impossible under fascism
they must control all speech
Organized business fascists and property owners get half a million in grants
while the comunity association for the same neighborhood
gets less than $50k
that’s fascism
paying itself
patting itself on the back

Money spent on government “service providers”
All the money ends up
in the end
in the pockets of the criminals who sold drugs to become rich landowners
Drug dealers have good credit
Slaves do not

Fascism can start as atheism or from an organized religion
There are many catholic fascists
Most religions breed hatred and discrimination
on some level
or at some “other”
All other humans that are different
become “vermmin”

Fascism sleeps in our societies for decades
huddled around tables of cards and money
through the cigar smoke
for the time like now
for the king to let them grow
there is always a king
willing to hire
the fascists
to ensure his seat
of power

and over
and over
in history

As ignorant
or blinded as we are
we are efficient
we have records
and when the future arrives
the scholars will recount
the missing
and the methods
through which your culture
was quietly removed

for over a decade
they have been taking the best food from the food bank
and reselling it
they have been awarded millions in contracts
to service the poor
and the lion’s share
goes into their pockets
while the judges and police

I remember
standing filthy
outside a Salvation army
the doors locked
a multimillion dollar facility
people wasted on crack
selling crack
the Boyz making money
all around it
people sleeping on the ground
the pamphlet in my hand says they have showers for the homeless
the women at the wicket
keeps the doors closed
apparently all 20 showers
are out of order
and no one is inside the building
a building making money
for the Boyz
for God’s Warriors
they need profit
so I can’t have a shower
nothing is really given out there
it is only taking
and pretending

that’s the way we like it here
as long as the money isn’t spent directly on poor people
they would misuse it
fascism needs to feet its fat belly
and they have much better marketing
and staff to write
of better ways
to deal with the poor
without actually giving them anything
because it makes no sense to give money to them
when the good ol’ boyz
can make better use of it

fascism laughs
feeding itself and growing
while the bohunks of canada
fleeced by their governments
just baaaaaaah
and baaaaah
and listen to the CBC

Our culture accepts book burning in library basements
just not in public
count them
there is a record of every book pulled
count them you fools
as they quietly burn away each night
he tearfully tells me
of stuffing a first edition Arthur Racham illustrateed
Arabian Nights
like Montag
he tried in vain to save them
count them fools
count them

the CANADIAN people
have allowed your government
to burn more books
than the Nazi’s did

count them
and you will see
40 years of book burning
with various policy papers and legal reasonings
of why
we cannot just give them
to poorer communities

a fucking invisible
Memory Hole
in the basement

clean quiet efficient fascism
was is known for its marketing expertise
selling genocide
like it was a refreshing drink

Action T4!
becomes the
Stay Home Project
isolating the valueless
the social parasites-+
human vermin
fascists think of other humans
as vermin

We remember the Nazi’s
as atheists
but drunk
and high on seized cocaine
they became power mad wizards of death
grand wizards
everything has
to be grand

you don’t work here
or get credit
unless you are one
of the fascists
so everyone
must become one

3 billion
the auditor says
3 billion they made off with
big red is laughing
there will be no repercussions

my simple medical care is too expensive
for the state to cover
but they can steal
3 billion
and laugh


Our federal and provincial governments
are spending billions
to softkill their enemies
targeting dissidents and activists

in a parade

30 years ago we would destroy a politician for killing one opponent
now we simply bend our backs and keep working
because we don’t even see it happening
through our maple covered glasses

I wish Paul Martin
the greatest of ills and pain
in his old age and dying
I watch him play the elder statesman
talking with George on the CBC
I’m dissapointed with George
at the respect he is showing
this fucking shithead

Paul Martin is the true founder
of canadian fascism and discrimination
Harper’s dictator throne would be impossible
without his deeds

I remeber Paul Martin
for stealing 23 billion from EI
and suddenly I couldn’t get any career education subsidies
and my benefits were less and shorter
I remeber when everyone had a GP
and then Paul
a year after the Royal Bullshit Commision on Healthcare
that spent millions
pretending to listen
after all that
Paul rips apart our federal medicare system
and hands it to the provinces
the birth of Fascism
Medical information
no longer federally protected
everyone being “served”
by clinics
that won’t proscribe painkillers,
or give specialist referrals
a system where laughing doctors
mock patients who try to get a second opinion
a system where individual fascist provincial governments
can deny any particular group or individual
any decent care
Action T4 in Canada
courtesy of Paul the Destroyer

Paul Martin showed the other politicians of Canada
that they could steal much more than they though
from the Canadian people
Just keep calling out the bogeymen
of national debt and terror
you can get away with anything

I didn’t create the national debt
Canada is filthy rich in oil, wood, uranium
some debt a bunch of fat priveleged union fucks and politicians made 40 years or more ago
is the reason I get no benefits of canada’s wealth
My healthcare is too expensive
because of their free ride
long ago

my career development
and credit
must be paid for with slavery
because they got theirs
for free
collecting the blood
of my country

No election should be considered valid
unless 80% of the population has voted
and people who expatriate
and haven’t lived in their land for a decaqde
shouldn’t be voting

As a dictator
Harper wasted no time
Paul’s theivery and treachery to his people
emboldened him and his gang
Stripping down the CRTC
to make sure american military money
could pay for our “entertainment”
“made in canada”
by the cia
all the little newspapers
individual voices of Canada
bought up
or crushed
all media now centrally controlled
all cultural neighborhoods
by security forces
in plainclothes

and god’s warriors
the boyz
and their shitty

packs of them
murders of them
fascists flocking
and destrying all color
all color but red and black

police forces and medical infrastructures
manned and administrated
by people not born here
all access to law
for those unable to pay
within a year of being seated on his throne
only the middle and upper classes
have access to law and proper healthcare

The drug dealers dealing cia heroin and meth
have healthcare and lawyers
most canadians do not

the Snowden files prove to us
our prime minister has ordered the deaths
by softkill
of thousands of canadian
killed softly
by agents of a foreign nation

justified targeted assassinations
witch burnings
red baiting
people with views the government doesn’t like
harassed and intimidated
raped and robbed
mocked by laughing fascist police
who shrug and don’t even bother to file their complaints

The CIA placed Harper in his seat
as clearly as some chads in florida
reseated the munchkin dictator down south
we can’t get rid of him
and the stench of fascism spreads across our cities

a deep miserable stain
of Red and Black

Canada praises and rewards them
for killing its children
the lazy Canadians
who don’t slave as happily
as the imported workers

we recite the canadian moron mantra
over and over
programmed by righteous television
to trust that there are honest cops and lawyers
and the cia has our best interests in mind
recite it over and over

“They would never do that!”
nazi war criminals
came here
and started families
22k multiplied by 4 generations now
Canada welcomed them
and their money
the war criminals who came here
came with money
to start again
waiting quietly
hiding from the nazi hunters
just more
good white citizens
fitting in

people forget
birds still sang and flowers still blossomed
the festivals and gardens
international events
the fascists had all these things
clinics that murdered
anyone strange
cops and lawyers and judges
who would legally destroy
the vermin
“other” people

I’ve played thousands of hours of games
where I hunt
and methodically kill

But nazis don’t wear swastikas now
only maltese crosses
and logos of red black and white corporatism and unionism
take the place of the red white and black flags of the last reich
fascists hide behind the charities of “Gawd” now
laughing and raking it in
mocking the do gooders that support them financially
with donations

my country became fascist
the most “beautiful place on earth”
for genocides
and house flipping
devoid of culture
that it chased away, robbed and buried,
it imports culture now
calls itself “international”
so no one notices
the lack of anything local

unless its a local of an international
union interest

Fascism was bred here
it escaped here
made roots
joined with the racism
and militant christianity
that was here
bred generations

trained since little grandchildren
in visions of purity
and control
motors and sports
and never any color
unless its corporately sponsored
by the elite

everyone else
is food for them
tenants holding a makeshift
on the property they only care to sit on
and build over

all culture is temporary
and shiftless now
everyone sells
the family home
to go for a trip
or move elsewhere

or they lose it
to crows and wolves
dog eat dog
we cannibalize our evolution
over and over
to fill our

We watch TV and drool
the masters give us
well honed images
written by Rand
period pieces of masters and slaves
of machines
and power
and history
and Man

to this…

We believe we have choices
but it is only in what
we consume
a hundred magazines on the rack
looks like choices
90 of those magazines
are printed by
one company

The Company

Where we once had 70 newspaper publishers
with their own
now we have Southland

The CRTC bent over at Harper’s whim
and took CIA cock in their ass
and we allowed it
under the thundering manufactured media sqwuak
of terror! Terror!
Terror and Debt

we won’t allow…!
we are programmed
we are protected…!
we are programmed



our propoganda is disguised
under thin veneers of
“free market” corporatism

The CBC has been stripped of its relevance
long ago
media puppets
pretending to watch out for you

no one is watching out for you

They know exactly where you are
every apple device
is connected to skynet
to ping you by
why pay to monitor you
when you will pay
for the monitoring device

there is no
under the all seeing eye
of fascism

Fascism took over slowly here
and like before it rode the title of socialism
while cannibal fraudsters wore their masks and waited
to consume their people

Law and Order
is a fiction
There is no law here
unless you pay for it

or make it
the law

The lords are divying up
the land
there is none for you

long ago
a canadian could buy a bit of land
with ten years savings
after 20 years of
and Debt!
we look around
at properties that would take a lifetime to buy

displaced by the kings
from elsewhere
Canada is a great plce
once we get rid of
these lazy Canadians

our country is rich in resources
but our healthcare is shite
dangerously bad shite
our legal system is in tatters
taken over by the fascists
you pay the extortion
to the Kings
or there is no court

Justice is blind to your plight
she only cares
for the weight of your

that people are dancing
or singing
or gathering

pave it over
make them put on their clothes

everywhere they sit and talk
send Mother’s mocking crow children
at the behest of analysts
who pinpoint places
of dissent

good jobs for all of Mother’s children
not for you
import slaves to build over the places
where the not so good slaves
were dancing
and laughing

pave it over
charge a fee
you must obtain a license

to play

and if your music
and art
is worth money
will know

IATSE rhymes with Nazi
for a reason
syllables of power
the raised fist of the “workers”
peons for the union gangsters
loading drugs into trucks
all culture
the entertainment unions
are part of the extortion and censorship
of the kings
As long as they make the King’s stories
they can deal as much drugs
and rip off all the art fags
and painter witches
hound and harass the musicians
anyone who is not
in their union
their gang
the holy dragoons
that lick Mother’s tit
from which all money flows

CIA and US military control
of our media
our news
our music
our charities
our governments
our universities
our courts
our trains
and medical systems
and police information systems
our cellphone companies
and IT infrastructure
and fully controlled
By Mother and Uncle Rand
for Big Brother Uncle Sam

The Port is under Fascist union gangster control
there is no bomb
on the other side
of the
“security perimeter”
only tons of coke
and meth
and everyting else
the drugs go on the trucks
and privatized trains
each day

Mother ensures it
the border police
are all in on it
the enter and exit
through the same doors
as the cocaine courier
and up the street
IATSE has a movie
at the deserted ironworks
across the street
from the union
feeding fascism
Millions of government tax money
for a “production”
a union production
a Triumph of the Will
made for TV
There is a VPD officer
two in fact
standing guard
while the union boyz roll movie cases in and out
“We’re making a movie!
Git er dun!”
and the drugs that were stored in the ironworks overnight
roll past the policewoman
chatting up the movie security people

and they can’t afford
to pay

They harass, intimidate, extort,
and mock

While they shovel money into tax havens
and burn everyone around them
laughing fascists
with police protecting
their drug cartel

the most beautiful place on earth
for genocides
and mass murder
and fraud
the wild west of the fourth reich
family friendly
and soon to be
faggot free
under the east van cross
of hypocrisy

Gregor’s “Inclusive” city
is marketig hype
for a cultureless blob
of streamlined fascist policies
designed to displace
drive out
and burn
anyone different
or those people
who don’t make
good slaves
in the minimum wage camps

One day Gregor will repeat his speech
about inclusion
at the Hague
that is my dream.

“Freedom” of Information “Privacy”
in a fascist regime
function creeps happily
into a tool
that limits the liability of government
in serving you
an act “designed” to “protect” you
has for 20 years
been used by every
government network administrator
to deny communication through email
which is apparently insecure
it is
but phones are insecure now too
and there soon will be no mail
so requiring all communication to the government
to be phone or snail mail
we reduce our requests for service
and our responsibilities
to our citizens
for our SLA’s
Fascism loves to exclude
and phone conversations can’t be tracked
emails come back to haunt retired politicians
and administrators
so they sit fat and happy
pretending to be doing something
while not including you
at all

ministries of love that are killing

clinics of torment and pain
cruelty and suffering
are food
for fascists

They admire Action T4
they admire its simple efficacy
its wonderful efficiency
and cleanliness

(There is a bit more to this
it is a W.I.P)

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Peace of Ass – End Homophobia Forever – Convert the World to Bumfuckerism

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Fascist Canada Blossoms under the heap of bullshit called “Truth and Reconciliation”

We have become fascists.
It happened slowly
We saw red, instead of black, and there were no swastikas
so we didn’t recognize the fascists
but they are fully in power here now
no one works unless they work for the fascists
no one gets credit
only the fascists
and their genocides
like those before
have laughing police
protecting them.

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Low End Game Design RPG Style: Deus Ex

A dozen articles back I wrote a lengthy piece on designing FPS games for lower end machines.

The number of machines still operating with roughly a p4 and under 1g video ram is actually staggering. Just because everyone in the cafe has an ipad, doesn’r mean that’s the norm.

Speaking of the tablet style computer,
the morons designing them still think we are happy with crappy graphics, so they are actually not very high powered and games designed with techniques I described in the earlier article still apply well to them. IMHO a tablet should have 4 gigs of ram and a 2gig vid card.

Recently I finally was able to get the original Deus Ex running and modded with the HDTP and New Vision texture packs. I later added the Nameless Mod to my configuration and was able to keep editing so they are all compatible, as well as the 2047 mod.

Deus Ex was almost unbearable to play at first,
the original textures and models were terrible
but it is another of those story driven games like System Shock with an RPG inventory managemet system and skills.

Since it is running on a modified Unreal 1 engine it uses the UnrealEd editor in its first incarnation. Which is actually very stable, just extremely limited in file formats and import capabilities.

If you read the previous article, you know I was settled on the unreal tournament 2004 engine.
It has excellent 32 bit texture support, bone and mesh importing, particles, etc.

Its very hard to edit the UT2k4 gui and games system for an RPG style game however,
so if you are not making a team based killing machine game, or a flashy eyecandy walkabout, then it suffers from a lack of many RPG game elements that a story driven game requires.

Once youve modded Deus Ex with HDTP and New Vision you can add their texture/system/model packages to the Deus Ex.ini and incorporate those into your own game in the Deus Ex sdk.

If you can’t install the SDK because it is choking on the “version” of your patched 1112fm sp patched deus ex the use 7-zip to open the file as an archive and extract its contents, then you can install con edit (the conversations editor) and the example mission and text files and the tools by hand.

When you work with Deus Ex, it is the complexity of the story and character interactions that will be your focus, not the action part. You could, of course, but some other engine is better for action modding because of the limitations of the engine. Meshes are extremely difficult to import for a newbie, and the quality is low, the textures are, even modified, BAD.

It really looks bad.


If you build it and install the sdk (worry about the mods later for more textures and better weapons) then you have a very complex set of information and inventory gui items you can use to help your character solve the mystery or find whatever it is you have deviously hidden.

Working with Deus Ex requires a bit of coding exploration, as importing a texture, sound, image, or model, generally requires writing a small amout of code to reference the files and then using the included compiler.

There is no drag and drop of any media in the editor. Its from like 1999 or something.
Many things cannot be imported without creating a class and compiling a package, like meshes with uv mapping for instance.

Why would you?

its actually very easy to make a new class of object and give it properties
so almost any object can have a use action, and information can be given to the player from picked up books, computers, public computers, newspapers, datacubes, notes, and goal information can be triggered with mission text added automatically to your journal.

Even more sophisticated and simple is the conversation, choices, transactions, and “barks” (random comments generated by nearbt NPC’s in response to events). Looking at the examples in the SDK is exhausting but rewarding. The option syntax is simple and the capabilities of the system are very complex. Mouths aren’t synced well, but it doesn’t matter, the amount of information you can impart and the logical choice/consequence triggers are essential to a person making a game based on dialogue and not on flash.

So maybe that’s you.
You like to write dialogue and quest style games in a pseudo regular world. It may be a good choice.

I recommend not even trying to build any models for quite a while, it really is a pain to get texture mapped meshes in it. Trying to import a mesh in this makes the Half life 1 procedure look like a haiku. You will notice on playing that most objects are actually simple brush objects, not static meshes. Get used to it.

Textures are simple 8 bit PCX or BMP with a masking color like gifs use for transparent bits.
You can make 32 bit stuff in photoshop and convert to indexed 8 bit. 8 bit, not 24. It is VERY picky and likes PCX more. Mirrors are easy to make, as well as shiny semitranslucent tiles, those two things alone can make a huge difference in world believability, and the transparent PCX textures actually work just fine for things like fences.

If you are more interested in creating an RPG game with books/notes/computers/text/conversations/finding items/quests/missions/info/newspapers
it may be a better tool for that kind of story.

Pen on paper, excel spreadsheets and text files, layout or diagramming software

The first rule of working on something in a previsualization game design is:
don’t reinvent wheels or anything else if you can copy paste it or make some kind of prefab or reuseable class of the object.

The story that is in Deus Ex is a very interesting nano augmentation/man made plague/conspiracy story, and if you even play through the first half of the game you get a feel for how the system enables a large number of factions/gangs/organizations/and alliances to be portrayed. Any NPC can have alliances and interactive conversation sequences with branching logics and triggers, and early in the game you are faced with the fact that you may be working for the wrong side against humanity’s interests. The inventory system is very robust, the 2027 mod adds a lot of new weapons for the gun ppl, but the core game is filled with enough standard items you can use to tell your stories. It is also a game where you can create your own objects for inventory, like findable quest items that can be used.

All of the books, datacubes, notes, papers, computers can be filled with information, and with the new vision mod some of these items get multiple pages.
While the core game uses these things with short sentences, for writer’s looking to make games with mystery or other information gathering adventures, this could be a great build environment for you.

The code is simple unrealscript, which is based on quakec which is in turn based on object oriented c++. Its really very simple to work with. I you have the ability to read some amount of programming an can search the programming contents it is really very easy to create and tweak your own classes so that when the character looks at your new items they will get hud info about it. Wotgreal will extract packages, Unreal Package Tool and UTX gaffer work, editing classes can be done with uncodex or notepad++, and source can be exported from the editor as well as there being some source available online in zip.

I have played all 3 Deus Ex games for extremely long periods now. They are not graphics driven, they are story driven, and the computer hacking, nanoaugmentation, and NPC interactions are the focus. Almost every level can be played in a stealth/non lethal way. The second Deus Ex suffers a bit graphically, but the augmentations are significantly increased in their useablity and the story is great. The 3rd, Human Revolution, is really fun to play, but requires fairly decent hardware to deal with the much larger firefights containing up to 20 enemies in a space. Neither the second or 3rd installments have an SDK.

If you need fast action and landscapes, full particle physics and every whiz bang, its not a good dev environment. As I have been playing and building in it tho I have come to see it as my favorite dev tool at the moment, since I have always personally been interested in games where information and story is more important than graphics. I can live with the fact that importing an animation is harder than cloning a human. I spent 2 days figuring out static mesh import, then decided I would only import a mesh as the last resort, and focused instead on using the vast amount of objects and items that are there.

I am also looking at whether or not unreal 1 monsters can be imported in, since the Actor class object is derived from the original unreal. But that is just an experiment.

If you are short on space, the core game with SDK comes in at just under a gig installed, with the 2047, New Vision, HDTP, and Nameless Mod installs it becomes about 4G. The mods don’t add much extra functionality, mostly just textures, some new objects, and a few tweaks.

If you use Deus Ex to build your game, you can be pretty much assured it will run on mostly anything. I can’t get it or the editor to crash without doing domthing really dumb, and I don’t get any freezing like I do with some DX10 games. Deus Ex can use OGL or DX8 as well as having DX10 support with the NewVision Mod. I am running it on a celery with 512 ram and an integrated 64 meg vid card. Ancient tech, but it runs fine for this game.

Deus Ex is $6 on GOG.com. You can find a torrent with all the mods described here fully installed and configured with additional renderers if you look.

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Vancouver’s Pride: Pink Nazi’s Party with gov’t bribes to ignore the genocides…

This text is a placeholder
I have no net
because I live in poverty
I am going to write this 10 page article offline
and then slap it in your face.

40 people of a particular social group killed by another social group is considered genocide.
There are many genocides of 40-200 people.
They are listed as genocides in the wikipedia.
Over 200 intersex people have been softkill murdered by well thought out genocidal policies over the last decade in the city of Vancouver.
Great party. That’s 2000 people in a decade across Canada.
Dara wants us to have new washrooms built for millions by the union non queer contractors.
I think we should clue in and make an actual completely queer healthcare facility and subsidized queer lawyers.
spend the money on the big happy fag party.
I would rather have a lwyer and healthcare that doesn’t want to kill, mock, ore sterilize me.
Give your members lists to your sponsors
and lets everybody smile and sign in
so the VPD can spend the next 6 months
drinking beer
and identifying those homosexual activists
on the riot cams


all genders clinic
Christopher Taylor <christopher.don.taylor@gmail.com> Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 5:32 AM
To: All Genders Wellness Centre <allgenderswellnesscentre@gmail.com>
You fuckers.

You fucking pieces of fucking shit.

I’ve lived in this neighborhood 20 years you fucks.

20 fucking years.

Do you want to keep using the Reach clinic?

I guarantee you I can get morethan 300 people to call reach and tell you people to fuck right off.

Do you understand you fucking self righteous gendermindfuck asshole fuckwads.

fuck your gender mindfuck crap.

fucking pieces of shit.

all genders welcome my fucking ass you cunts.

It sounds as if you’ve had a particularly challenging time getting your health needs met.

You think? You fucking assholes .
I had a surgeon operate on me at 15 without my knowledge of what was happening you pieces of shit.
did that happen to you?
I’ve had 3 doctors in the past 2 years literallly LAUGH IN MY FACE

you fucking self righteous fuckers

while every genderqueer trans person can get $100,000 of specialists and psychologist and hormones over their life
And I can’t even get a doctor.

Our wellness centre exists to provide respectful health services to transgender and gender diverse people.

So if I wear some fucking tacky clothing and walk around with somelipstick on you’ll suddenly help.

It sounds from your email that, like many intersex people, you don’t identify as trans or gender diverse,

No. I don’t identify with trans. Inersex is a gender. PERIOD.
I have doctors witholding 30 years of magically disappearing health records. I have a CT scan on my computer that isn’t mine because every surgeon since 15 has applied Therapeutic Privelege.
Its on my file, so any doctor that I go to will try to lie to me about.
Because that’s the POLICY in BC
If your willing to be freaky, you get healthcare, as long as you act trans and talk trans.
You’re giving me the same fucking shit that ravensong and 3 bridges dished out.

Intersex people don’t identify as trans because they AREN”T TRANSgender, they are INTERSEX.

It’s NOT the same.

If I call one of your trans people a girl and she identifies as a boy
I’m the asshole
but you can TELL ME how my sexuality is defined or how I should be expressing it in order to fit into YOUR concept of “gender”?

You fucking pricks.

in which case you may not find our services and the atmosphere created in our centre to be what you’re looking for.

another “community” service for Trans people that markets itself for “gender diverse” people.

If you do choose to access services from us, you should know that none of us are specialists in intersexuality,
I still need a doctor.
You’re saying I’m not welcome unless I plan to have my dick turned inside out.
Having a 3/4 inch piece of female genitilia right under my balls doen’t count as gender I guess.

Do you people realize how badly Patti Zettel fucked me over?
You should know who she is.

nor are we aware of any who we could refer you to.
Seems like you tried real hard with all your contacts and shit.

Our team doctor is a family physician with lots of experience providing care to trans and gender diverse people but no experience with intersex people.
I can read the wikipedia and related resources.Why can’t they.


The All Genders Wellness Team

You don’t sound sincere, you aren’t “welcoming”, you aren’t “low barrier” and you really aren’t accepting of “gender diverse” people, because people who are intersex are a different form of gender, and since they might want to just be themselves and not exude or project their differences they aren’t worthy of your little group hug bullshit.

I’ve almost been killed over this half a dozen times, probably more, and I can’t get healthcare from anywhere.

If I went to a surgery I would probably die on the operating table
I’ve had 3 MRI’s and 2 CT scans and they’ve all magically “disappeared”

So I guess I don’t fit in your little group hug club.


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Vancouver Genocide? No, impossible, we have Genderfest and Pride!

Fucking hypocrites.

I live sleeping in your gutters alomost 4 years
I survive eating your fucking goddamned garbage
because I need a couple of surgeries before I can work
The happy-fags and happy-dykes and happy-trannies even have healthcare
but I don’t

My “community” just blew $30k+ on “Genderfest”

I have been to every single clinic and doctors office on commercial drive
I have been mocked and derided and laughed at by doctors and nurses in Vancouver when I try to get healthcare

I am intersex.

I don’t have healthcare or legal representation.

Fuck your bullshit fucking “exclusion”
its bullshit
you fucking hypocrite dicks and cunts and whatever

you have healthcare
I don’t
regardless of how much gov’t money you spend marketing the lies.


3 weeks later I’m sitting on a bench
just 5 blocks from where you paid the nazis to rent that hall
a longshoreman sits down
one of the boys
who use that hall
who drink there
we have a long talk
you know the type
hardly working union fatman

as he leaves he says
since we were getting along
“At least you don’t have a pussy where your dick should be.”

as he walks away
I let go of my razor
and try and stop seeing
blood coming from his neck

I smile and wave him off
He’s going to the happy nazi hall
to sign his union cards

Did you have a great party genderqueers?
Because they all know what you look like now
you fools.

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Vic retires before he can be accused of supporting genocide…

Vic Toews is retiring.

during the U.N. discussions about the treatment of intersex and transgender people Vic came out with a statement that if Transgender and Intersex people wanted healthcare in Canada they would have to be on a mental health disability and have a psychologist or they would not be eligible for healthcare in Canada.

he is a right wing anti queer shithead christian religious fanatic

good riddance Vic you fucking putz.

“Initially considered a moderate within the Canadian Alliance, Toews later became known for endorsing socially conservative causes. He was a vocal opponent of Bill C-250 (2003), which made sexual orientation a protected category under Canada’s hate crime legislation. Toews stated that the bill could restrict freedom of expression and religion, and was quoted as saying that a “homosexual activist” could sue a hotel chain to remove Bibles as hate literature.[56] He later emerged as a prominent opponent of same-sex marriage, and suggested that changing the definition of marriage in Canada could result in polygamy being legalized.[57] In 2005, he launched an extended filibuster to delay committee work on the issue.[58] Despite his efforts, same-sex marriage was legalized in the summer of 2005.

—-> Hey Vic.
Christianity is a religion based on hatred, discrimination, and control.
There SHOULDN’T be any fucking bibles in a hotel chains rooms you fuckwad.
On top of that, Christian marriage is an institutionalized religious rite
with accompanying legal liabilities that is used as a method of discrimination in wages, credit, and gov’t services.
There is no SCIENTIFIC reason that 2 men can’t marry a woman
or two women can’t marry a man.
Or two men marry, two women, three women, whatever.
Marriage should encompass any loving family combination,
and liabilities should be far reduced and assets should remain individual
with a common account for the household.
Anything else is CHRISTIANITY engrained into the administrative and  legal machinery of the fascist state you’ve built to protect your culturally biased christian fiefdom.
And I bet you hate the Taliban real good.
Good Riddance VIC.<—-

During this period, Toews also argued that religious organizations should be permitted to deny gay organizations the use of their facilities, supported increasing the age of sexual consent in Canada from fourteen to sixteen, and opposed the decriminalization of cannabis.[59] “

“crime against humanity”

« crime contre l’humanité »

“crime against humanity” means murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, imprisonment, torture, sexual violence, persecution or any other inhumane act or omission that is committed against any civilian population or any identifiable group and that, at the time and in the place of its commission, constitutes a crime against humanity according to customary international law or conventional international law or by virtue of its being criminal according to the general principles of law recognized by the community of nations, whether or not it constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission.


« génocide »

“genocide” means an act or omission committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, an identifiable group of persons, as such, that, at the time and in the place of its commission, constitutes genocide according to customary international law or conventional international law or by virtue of its being criminal according to the general principles of law recognized by the community of nations, whether or not it constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission.


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Bummed on Facecrack

Facecrack Friend having a rant about ass sex:

ok sorry I apologies but this asshole thing is still on my mind and I think its funny that a person is willing to give something they are not willing to take. what kind of an Asshole are you? this is not about anyone its just about the idea.. so don’t take it personally…just be considerate ok…thank you

Like · · Share · 12 hours ago ·

  • Christopher Taylor:

    But you aren’t stating whether or not you are happy with someone sticking something in your bum.

    Are you happy with your bum?
    Or do you not like your bum being…um…whatever…?
    If you like your bum but are complaining that other people who want to penetrate your bum aren’t willing to reciprocate,

    I guess you would then need to find someone who will let you poke them with a strapon…or something…
    I’m sure one of your girlfriends knows a boy you could peg.
    ask and you shall…get…a receiver..

    but you have been ambiguous about your own opinion about the pleasureablility of your ass and your inner feelings on the subject.

    you see
    no one wants to be the first to say
    “I like my bum!”
    Because you could be anti-bum in your opinion
    and then they would feel

    You might even possibly be virulently anti-bum in all it’s forms.
    Then if someone said they like their bum and other ppls bums they would feel really bad because you don’t like bumfuckers.
    It could hurt their feelings.

    I can’t tell from your previous posts if you are against or for bum sex.

    You may just be referring to the standard agressive anti homo straight male who sees anal penetration as another degradation to force someone to endure.

    If that’s the case,
    I have to say
    there are other men or women that will be more respectful of your ass,
    but I guess you have to find them.

    lots of those other bastards around tho
    I’ll tell you that for nothing.



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Stargate: Assholes

Stargate: Assholes

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I have written at length of this elsewhere

But I clearly remember
the police station used to be next to the Ravensong
I came for my scheduled appointment
when I rounded the corner of Broadway
the side of the station was empty
by the time I entered the front door
there were 8 cops out on the side
laughing loudly
and a few more coming out

I guess my appointment was the same time as their smoke break
a CanWest concrete Cement company truck was parked on the north side of the building

the two brown girls from malaysia that always work the reception
are not there
instead are two very old
sitting in the other ladies place
looking at my information

I ask her name
She is silent
as is her partner
acting like a mute baba
I do not understand

I understand
she is an evil ancient bitch of the
old ways
and she is staring at my information

using her ancient

the curl of her lip says
she does not
think well of me

she is staring at my information
she has a little pad
of her own paper
ignoring me
looking at what
the malaysian girls

had entered.

she is not adept
at the computer
staring intently


she is trying to determine

no fixed

she is supposed
to get

Inside the clinic is a German woman
who I have seen before
she is never there
but she is there now
for my scheduled appointment

I cannot get any of the 3 to give me their names

but they have access to everything about me and my file
behind the barrier

I try to ask the hindu woman who is arranging my session
who the german woman and the two old ladies are
she doesn’t know

The government literature said this was supposedly
the place
for me to go



Inside the room
there is no examination
I am given no referrals

I am mocked

I trudge the gauntlet outside
and have a smoke watching

the laughing police
still there
the truck

with two young tough laughing men in shades
who I could kill

as I had assessed in the first 10 seconds observing them on my way in

But the laughing police are there


I smoke and glare
until they all


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parks of bullying authority

To the parks board:

I just watched an ENTIRE park of people get harassed yesterday by 2 of your new snappy young park rangers.
every single person or group sitting.
they walk right into every human beings space with their uniforms and walky talkies and their little pads of life “violations”
got to get those fucking violators
sitting in the park
Giving me shit for a girl throwing a ball for my dog
in the same spot she’s caught a ball in for 10 years
and your young punk ranger boy is gonna make sure everyone knows that “ranger rick” is on top of it.
a “violation”????

Train your employees to LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE unless they are actually breaking things or wrecking things or being really shitty.
They have to use their actual brains.
We don’t go to parks to relax and then be harassed by your employees who AREN’T from our neighborhoods, coming to our neighborhoods and into peaceful peoples spaces trying to fill their violation books and make their “necessary presentation of authority”.

You people are sick.

Parks are for people,
not for your union children in their uniforms to harass us for being peaceful.

Everybody pull out your id
you need it to be in a vancouver park

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Facecrack, Google, Gmail, Verizon phones…. all part of

Facecrack, Google, Gmail, Verizon phones….
all part of the PRISM
and 100 years ago it was a capital crime for a gov’t employee to open your mail.
 Did you know your apple devicesare part of PRISM?
The protocol is called SKYNET and comes FREE with your iTunes installation or your apple device os.
SKYNET has been on all apple devices for over a decade
and it is integrally related to this nato tracking program:
  It provides for the targeting of any customers of participating corporations who live outside the United States, or American citizens whose communications include people outside the USA.
The documents identified several technology companies as participants in the PRISM program, including (date of joining PRISM in parentheses) Microsoft (2007), Yahoo! (2008), Google (2009), Facebook (2009), Paltalk (2009), YouTube (2010), AOL (2011), Skype (2011), and Apple (2012).[11] The speaker’s notes in the briefing document reviewed by the Washington Post indicated that “98 percent of PRISM production is based on Yahoo, Google and Microsoft.”[1]
 estimated that the NSA also collects records on 3 billion calls per day.
 The Associated Press pointed out that these company denials were “carefully worded” to be technically true and yet make it impossible to determine how much information was actually provided to the NSA. Lee Tien, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation pointed out that: “A company could say ‘We’ve never heard of the PRISM program.’ Well, maybe the government didn’t call it that. Or the company could say ‘We don’t allow backdoor access!’ Well, maybe they allow front door access.”

However. The Patriot Act 2 makes it clear that companies who are required to cooperate with these requests are also required by law to lie about all involvement and are given freedom from any form of prosecution.
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Pegging Evolution

I believe that humanity will only begin its next phase of societal evolution when pegging becomes the most favorite sexual position for both sexes.


It should be something women come to expect from their men.

It’s easier to convince him if:

1. The device is smaller by an inch than his dick.
Pulling out the Giga Ass Blaster is probably going to scare him.
2. You can demonstrate how easily it fits in and out of your own pretty ass.
Still he won’t go for the ass blaster, make it smaller than his dick.
3. You have fed him nothing but smoothies and wine.
You might be able to do this to him unawares and pop the question at him right after you’ve showered him off.
4. You may find it easier if you get your boy really high on his favourite drugs too.

5. You may find it hard to get rid of a boy you’ve pegged. He will love you soooo much.
6. Pegging a boy may increase your telepathic resonance with him. It is a known side effect and you can happily ignore it while you evolve.
7.  Its easier with some boys to distract them with a secondary pussy in their face.
If suitably distracted your boy might allow you to plow him into someone else.
8. Your boy will be very scared if you do not have copious amounts of lube in his eyesight.
Put a large tub of it by the tub. You won’t need it all, but he will be reassured by its presence.
9. If he “owes you one” it is much easier (along with him being high and full of smoothies).
Let him stray 2-3 times so you can poke him in return!
10.  Like in Hitchiker’s Guide, have a towel.  Some boys do pee themselves silly when poked by a pretty girl they luv.

Good luck and happy pegging!

Will some pretty girl please get me a black shirt with this on the front?

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I move into a place after homelessness, and the Angel Poverty Pimps fer Gud make another $150: THANKS CHRISTY!

I’ve been in this new place about 3 months.

I have nothing.

No food, a couple pairs of pants, no good mop or broom or cleaners

no dry goods stored up.


Everybody assumes I should be so happy here.


I still am getting blocked from proper modern healthcare.


I ask the ladies at the hell’s angel poverty pimp front called E-Fry that is in charge of my welfare file to see if I can get some money for a good mop and broom and some cleaning supplies.


I’m told I can get $200 from welfare,

but that E-Fry won’t give it to me to get the things I need for moving in,

it has to be a “moving in package”

from their sister corporation

the other hells angel money laundering poverty pimp front

the Salvation Army.


2 days later the biker christian fuckwads who ripped me off and continue to fuck me over arrive at my door

they are so fucking proud of themselves, the 3 of them, looking all fucking self righteous.


they bring me a mattress and frame that, together in the quantities they bought them, cost the sally anne $40. And the company they purchased them from is a hells angel subsidiary too.


They hand me a box full of $20 of dollar store stuff.


3/4 of that box, 3 months later

is still untouched

it wasn’t anything I needed

the box spring is already breaking


They made $140 profit,

at least

the Salvation Army christian biker fucks walked out of my fucking house and all went and bought themselves things with the money they were given as profit for taking the $200 I was supposed to get to get things for myself to make my place work, and giving me this cheap fucking shit that I am not using.


I do not have a mop or broom or garbage bags or cleaning supplies

but hey

at least I wasn’t able to spend $50 of it buying some beer and smokes along with my cleaning supplies


its more important that the christian poverty pimps can afford smokes.


You are a genocidal ignorant cunt Christy Clark.


I have a $140 moving in +2 months power bill I can’t pay

because welfare won’t cover my power


I have 2 hernias, a torn knee ligament

and foot problems

I have been outside 3.5 of the last 5 years


And the biker fucks get $150

to give me a pile of useless shit


They were fucking laughing when they left


better some good ol christian boyz get it

rather than some faggot eh?


And E-Fry STILL HAS THEIR SPAM SERVICE THAT CHECKS ALL THEIR EMAIL correspondence from me from a company called STARGATE.CA

which gets every email I send to the ministry.



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Why can’t the police shut down the Hell’s Angels? Because the government gives them more money each budget than the police.

Why can’t the police shut down the Hell’s Angels?

Because the government gives them more money each budget than the police.

Payment for keeping those poor people in line at their poverty pimp money laundering charity establishments like the Salvation Army, The Food Bank, Theo, The Kettle, UGM, Quest Foods, Narc-anon, The Recovery Centre, and a hundred other “legitimate” poverty pimp businesses, all controlled by a bunch of people who barely finished high school and became rich selling drugs and being rapist murderer bullies. Every state needs to put more money into those guys instead of the police eh? Get their heroin hillbilly punker kids with banjos and meth to trash every cultural scene.
Worked for the nazis.

I bet if you calculate just the tax writeoffs and subsidies for IATSE productions alone you would be at the cops budget.

That’s why IATSE pays cops to stand around as security on their sets
its cheaper to protect a movie set’s worth of coke if theres a union cop at the entrance to the set.

I mean its obvious they have more money than the police
Look at the airport and the seaport
All these billions of security cameras
looking out at us
watching all of us walk by
scanning us as we get on the plane
slowing everything down
so many uniforms
so may cameras
tasers everywhere
but behind all of that
which supposedly guarantees that no bomb gets on the plane

But the coke is on the plane or the boat or the train or the truck
on the other side of the camera
the other side of the fence
the other side off the security that cost billions for us
on the other side of that

there is still tons of coke getting off planes and boats and trucks every day

We so admire the boys who git er dun
we’re willing to fund all their shenanigans
I mean jeez
look what a great job they did
cleaning up those whores and getting a good patsy to face the international press

We don’t have a genocidal rapist gangster problem
we just had too many crack whores
that were made from the crack
that came off of the boats
and planes

The heroin in victoria park and the crack in the Commercial drive area, all the meth that people thieve and steal to get

came through the anti terrorism security system.

It ALL did.

Great job Christy
keeping Gordo’s dictator support system functioning for so long after he’s gone

It’s called Crime (Mis)Management

And these fuckers suck up so much fucking money from all of us
yet they are too fucking cheap to pay me
for my work
cheap ass fucks

Sucking Bald Eagle cock while you fuck over the people of your own country
fucking nazi fucks hiding behind your charity scams
you fucking owe me for my writing on Atlantis

This is the thing
I come from a town where I watched 300+ people each week
idolize a huge fat priest
who diddled children for years

So you fat fucks ripping me off and then all standing around your multimillion dollar charity money laundering scams and gloating in your warehouses with the coke stash can fuck off.

You have enough to pay me for my work you fucking cheapskates.

Get Robert and his two buddies to pay me in full and give me my fucking goddamn credit you fucks.
and stop hiding your fucking thieving ignorant drug dealer rapist bullshit behind some fucking “Christian” charity you hypocrite fucks. Ex pimps and drug dealers hiding behind jesus’ fucking skirts and pointing at everyone else
you fucks.

This is the perspective for everyone else you fraudster extortionist dickwads.
A person who works as a senior technician with a screen credit on Atlantis would make a salary of $70k
Plus they would still be getting residuals of a few grand each year
the fucking residuals for a senior tech/coordinator would be still, after these years, more than I’m living on per yer.

I have jack shit and you fuckers owe me a creator credit for Atlantis along with a per episode fee and fucking residuals. Brad and Robert did not create it and all you fat git er dun fuckwads know it. They were producers who took the work that I created and made the show with it. I want the fucking goddamned credit, I want a correct fee, and I want my fucking residuals you fraudster fucks. Pay my fucking fees. Rippoff motherfucker assholes.

The math isn’t hard. Its a lot less than what you scum off all of us with your shit each month.

Let’s say $100K/ep + residuals of 10% is $10M+ along with RESIDUALS.
That’s the lowball figure. Its a waaaay low figure.

But it makes the point you ripoff union gangster motherfucker shitfucks.

Sure its been fun burning me. I’m done laughing.
You owe me for my work you fucks.

The fucking bikers for jesus giving to the poor schtick while you launder your fucking money and rip me off laughing
is pissing me off.

sucking up government money and pretending your doing things for the “community”
its fucking bullshit

You all realize after I wrote this I had 2 people with unmuzzled german shepherds from the heroin crew stalking my dog and me. German shepherds, wolf crosses, should be muzzled. They can kill someone if poorly trained.
and they usually are.
I promote gun legalization for that reason.
If people can walk around with living shotguns
why can’t everyone else do the same.

To the police officer reading this
because there has to be at least one
I just wrote and gave links to witness accounts of fraud and extortion and attempted murder
and even possibly espionage and definitely genocide
but you don’t even have to follow up on it
because its too much work.

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A decade after the Royal Commission of Canadian Healthcare: we have worse healthcare than we ever did!

A decade after this multimillion dollar shell game
where we all got told that someone was listening
almost every recommendation this report made
was ignored or shelved completely

The report was right and identified numerous serious health and privacy concerns
none of which have been corrected

Shame on you Prime Minister Harper
you are using the healthcare system to oppress
the lower classes
are getting lower healthcare
private information is being misused
and malpractice is the norm without repercussions

Canadians make over a dozen visits for things that should take two good visits
Why are we waiting for healthcare?
Our government is pumping billions of dollars of resources out
and 3\4 of canada is still paying some form of medicare “fee” end user protection racket

All so stevie’s doctor friends can become millionaires…

The conclusion of the Report set out 47 recommendations along with a timetable for their implementation.
Recommendation 1 – A new Canadian Health Covenant should be established as a common declaration of Canadians’ and their governments’ commitment to a universally accessible, publicly funded health care system. To this end, First Ministers should meet at the earliest opportunity to agree on this Covenant.
Recommendation 2 – A Health Council of Canada should be established by the provincial, territorial and federal governments to facilitate co-operation and provide national leadership in achieving the best health outcomes in the world. The Health Council should be built on the existing infrastructure of the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and the Canadian Coordinating Office of Health Technology Assessment (CCOHTA).
Recommendation 3 – On an initial basis, the Health Council of Canada should: Establish common indicators and measure the performance of the health care system; Establish benchmarks, collect information and report publicly on efforts to improve quality, access and outcomes in the health care system; and coordinate existing activities in health technology assessment and conduct independent evaluations of technologies, including their impact on rural and remote delivery and the patterns of practice for various health care providers.
Recommendation 4 – In the longer term, the Health Council of Canada should provide ongoing advice and coordination in transforming primary health care, developing national strategies for Canada’s health workforce, and resolving disputes under a modernized Canada Health Act.
Recommendation 5 – The Canada Health Act should be modernized and strengthened by: Confirming the principles of public administration, universality and accessibility, updating the principles of portability and comprehensiveness, and establishing a new principle of accountability; Expanding insured health services beyond hospital and physician services to immediately include targeted home care services followed by prescription drugs in the longer term; Clarifying coverage in terms of diagnostic services; Including an effective dispute resolution process; and Establishing a dedicated health transfer directly connected to the principles and conditions of the Canada Health Act.
Recommendation 6 – To provide adequate funding, a new dedicated cash-only Canada Health Transfer should be established by the federal government. To provide long-term stability and predictability, the Transfer should include an escalator that is set in advance for five year periods.
Recommendation 7 – On a short-term basis, the federal government should provide targeted funding for the next two years to establish: a new Rural and Remote Access Fund; a new Diagnostic Services Fund; a Primary Health Care Transfer; a Home Care Transfer; and a Catastrophic Drug Transfer
Recommendation 8 – A personal electronic health record for each Canadian that builds upon the work currently underway in provinces and territories.
Recommendation 9Canada Health Infoway should continue to take the lead on this initiative and be responsible for developing a pan-Canadian electronic health record framework built upon provincial systems, including ensuring the interoperability of current electronic health information systems and addressing issues such as security standards and harmonizing privacy policies.
Recommendation 10 – Individual Canadians should have ownership over their personal health information, ready access to their personal health records, clear protection of the privacy of their health records, and better access to comprehensive and credible information about health, health care and the health system.
Recommendation 11 – Amendments should be made to the Criminal Code of Canada to protect Canadians’ privacy and to explicitly prevent the abuse or misuse of personal health information, with violations in this area considered a criminal offense.
Recommendation 12Canada Health Infoway should support health literacy by developing and maintaining an electronic health information base to link Canadians to health information that is properly researched, trustworthy and credible as well as support more widespread efforts to promote good health.
Recommendation 13 – The Health Council of Canada should take action to streamline technology assessment in Canada, increase the effectiveness, efficiency and scope of technology assessment, and enhance the use of this assessment in guiding decisions.
Recommendation 14 – Steps should be taken to bridge current knowledge gaps in applied policy areas, including rural and remote health, health human resources, health promotion, and pharmaceutical policy.
Recommendation 15 – A portion of the proposed Rural and Remote Access Fund, the Diagnostic Services Fund, the Primary Health Care Transfer, and the Home Care Transfer should be used to improve the supply and distribution of health care providers, encourage changes to their scopes and patterns of practice, and ensure that the best use is made of the mix of skills of different health care providers.
Recommendation 16 – The Health Council of Canada should systematically collect, analyze and regularly report on relevant and necessary information about the Canadian health workforce, including critical issues related to the recruitment, distribution, and remuneration of health care providers.
Recommendation 17 – The Health Council of Canada should review existing education and training programs and provide recommendations to the provinces and territories on more integrated education programs for preparing health care providers, particularly for primary health care settings.
Recommendation 18 – The Health Council of Canada should develop a comprehensive plan for addressing issues related to the supply, distribution, education and training, remuneration, skills and patterns of practice for Canada’s health workforce.
Recommendation 19 – The proposed Primary Health Care Transfer should be used to “fast-track” primary health care implementation. Funding should be conditional on provinces and territories moving ahead with primary health care reflecting four essential building blocks – continuity of care, early detection and action, better information on needs and outcomes, and new and stronger incentives to achieve transformation.
Recommendation 20 – The Health Council of Canada should sponsor a National Summit on Primary Health Care within two years to mobilize concerted action across the country, assess early results, and identify actions that must be taken to remove obstacles to primary health care implementation.
Recommendation 21 – The Health Council of Canada should play a leadership role in following up on the outcomes of the Summit, measuring and tracking progress, sharing information and comparing Canada’s results to leading countries around the world, and reporting to Canadians on the progress of implementing primary health care in Canada.
Recommendation 22 – Prevention of illness and injury, and promotion of good health should be strengthened with the initial objective of making Canada a world leader in reducing tobacco use and obesity.
Recommendation 23 – All governments should adopt and implement the strategy developed by the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers Responsible for Sport, Recreation and Fitness to improve physical activity in Canada.
Recommendation 24 – A national immunization strategy should be developed to ensure that all children are immunized against serious illnesses and Canada is well prepared to address potential problems from new and emerging infectious diseases.
Recommendation 25 – Provincial and territorial governments should use the new Diagnostic Services Fund to improve access to medical diagnostic services.
Recommendation 26 – Provincial and territorial governments should take immediate action to manage wait lists more effectively by implementing centralized approaches, setting standardized criteria, and providing clear information to patients on how long they can expect to wait.
Recommendation 27 – Working with the provinces and territories, the Health Council of Canada should establish a national framework for measuring and assessing the quality and safety of Canada’s health care system, comparing the outcomes with other OECD countries, and reporting regularly to Canadians.
Recommendation 28 – Governments, regional health authorities, health care providers, hospitals and community organizations should work together to identify and respond to the needs of official language minority communities.
Recommendation 29 – Governments, regional health authorities, and health care providers should continue their efforts to develop programs and services that recognize the different health care needs of men and women, visible minorities, people with disabilities, and new Canadians.
Recommendation 30 – The Rural and Remote Access Fund should be used to attract and retain health care providers.
Recommendation 31 – A portion of the Rural and Remote Access Fund should be used to support innovative ways of expanding rural experiences for physicians, nurses and other health care providers as part of their education and training.
Recommendation 32 – The Rural and Remote Access Fund should be used to support the expansion of telehealth approaches.
Recommendation 33 – The Rural and Remote Access Fund should be used to support innovative ways of delivering health care services to smaller communities and to improve the health of people in those communities.
Recommendation 34 – The proposed new Home Care Transfer should be used to support expansion of the Canada Health Act to include medically necessary home care services in the following areas: Home mental health case management and intervention services should immediately be included in the scope of medically necessary services covered under the Canada Health Act; Home care services for post-acute patients, including coverage for medication management and rehabilitation services, should be included under the Canada Health Act; and palliative home care services to support people in their last six months of life should also be included under the Canada Health Act.
Recommendation 35 – Human Resources Development Canada, in conjunction with Health Canada should be directed to develop proposals to provide direct support to informal caregivers to allow them to spend time away from work to provide necessary home care assistance at critical times.
Recommendation 36 – The proposed new Catastrophic Drug Transfer should be used to reduce disparities in coverage across the country by covering a portion of the rapidly growing costs of provincial and territorial drug plans.
Recommendation 37 – A new National Drug Agency should be established to evaluate and approve new prescription drugs, provide ongoing evaluation of existing drugs, negotiate and contain drug prices, and provide comprehensive, objective and accurate information to health care providers and to the public.
Recommendation 38 – Working collaboratively with the provinces and territories, the National Drug Agency should create a national prescription drug formulary based on a transparent and accountable evaluation and priority-setting process.
Recommendation 39 – A new program on medication management should be established to assist Canadians with chronic and some life-threatening illnesses. The program should be integrated with primary health care approaches across the country.
Recommendation 40 – The National Drug Agency should develop standards for the collection and dissemination of prescription drug data on drug utilization and outcomes.
Recommendation 41 – The federal government should immediately review the pharmaceutical industry practices related to patent protection, specifically, the practices of evergreening and the notice of compliance regulations. This review should ensure that there is an appropriate balance between the protection of intellectual property and the need to contain costs and provide Canadians with improved access to non-patented prescription drugs.
Recommendation 42 – Current funding for Aboriginal health services provided by the federal, provincial and territorial governments and Aboriginal organizations should be pooled into single consolidated budgets in each province and territory to be used to integrate Aboriginal health care services, improve access, and provide adequate, stable and predictable funding.
Recommendation 43 – The consolidated budgets should be used to fund new Aboriginal Health Partnerships that would be responsible for developing policies, providing services and improving the health of Aboriginal peoples. These partnerships could take many forms and should reflect the needs, characteristics and circumstances of the population served.
Recommendation 44 – Federal and provincial governments should prevent potential challenges to Canada’s health care system by: Ensuring that any future reforms they implement are protected under the definition of “public services” included in international law or trade agreements to which Canada is party; and reinforcing Canada’s position that the right to regulate health care policy should not be subject to claims for compensation from foreign-based companies.
Recommendation 45 – The federal government should build alliances with other countries, especially with members of the World Trade Organization, to ensure that future international trade agreements, agreements on intellectual property, and labour standards make explicit allowance for both maintaining and expanding publicly insured, financed and delivered health care.
Recommendation 46 – The federal government should play a more active leadership role in international efforts to assist developing nations in strengthening their health care systems through foreign aid and development programs. Particular emphasis should be placed on training health care providers and on public health initiatives.
Recommendation 47 – Provincial, territorial and federal governments and health organizations should reduce their reliance on recruiting health care professionals from developing countries.

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Death to Religion! Religion is Death: a twisted Kult revealed in this isometric RPG

I’m playing this cool game.

In it you play a female Inquisitor whose overriding mission is to destroy all religion.
Its an RPG, an isometric one.
like divine divinity
so basically you have your character in the center and the world moves around you.
Very old school.
A very excruciating startup, it takes about 6 maps until your character can go any amount of time without sleep, its also extremely confusing at first, and trying to figure out how to buy a house and where takes a while.

But its worth it, its actually one of those cool text based RPGs that have a decent story, with super crappy combat.

I’m trying to find the text files in the game
some of the quotes are priceless
since you basically must use a form of shamanic elemental magic and a visionary dreamstate throughout as you work for this very monastic warrior magician order intent on destroying all religion forever.

The implicit hypocrysies of the heretics are really interesting.

This is so old school I don’t think anyone will slog through it like I am
but I actually like it quite a bit.

magician warriors and atheist mages killing and destroying all religion
everyone is actually scared of the heroine
I’m standing next to someones sacred boar knowing the game will reward me for killing it and I just decided to go to the next area instead

they use this druidic sort of power yet they don’t see their buildings and rituals and Order business as a religion itself

Its very cool if you actually like Baldur’s Gate or the excellent Divine Divinity.
Not as polished
but worth it for some of the later dialogue.

I’m trying to figure out how to add more text
some of the dialogue is funny or bland
but its really pretty deep

Death to Religion! Religion is Death!
that’s their chant
the nazi chant

I don’t think religious beliefs are death
I think ignorance and oppressive religious control systems are messed up
but seeing as they are powerful and generate great wealth

I don’t see how we can not use some form of structure to ensure our collective rights
religions are corporations built on a basis of human spirituality
everything, even gangs have corporations

I think a blanket hatred of religion is false.
but perhaps that is just semantics

I sat and had a coffee with an IATSE chef
and he was mocking me

I had a coffee and a smoke
so I went along with it
but I, personally
am not of Gurdieff’s cult
so his joke did not apply

I remember being struck at his ignorance
Complete fucking ignorance
completely dismissive

I guess someone had told him I was a
so he was having a poke ad a laugh
making good money working for those IATSE fraudsters
hooking up the Stars with coke
defrauding and extorting the surrounding community

I knew that was the score
He bought me 2 coffees
It was worth it to assess

fascist  fucking idiocy

and I am an atheist druid in a loose form
a “witch”

I always thought that whole descent of the nazi’s into black “witchcraft” was weird
after killing and burning all else
they documented a lot of wierd shit they did

the Nazi’s
themselves a Kult?

A very successful one.
They became the rulers
for a while

There is so much of them still

I personally don’t like organized religion
everyone is stronger
if they are part of
the right gang

perhaps it should be a right
to have one

For example
have you ever entered a store or something and there were a couple of aggressive belligerent people that randomly wanted to fight you?
if there were 10 of you and you each had your 4 inch sacred knife with you
it wouldn’t matter how much weight they could lift or how big they were

If one of you was having problems with a government office
ten people could arrive to help add pressure or get a supervisor involved
gangs/congregations/corporations/armies get things done

what a messy bunch
of strangely evolved
monkey rats

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If Jewish people were portrayed like witches are in the media, there would be a lot of problems…

Anyone who’s read any amount of my blog should know I’m not racist or anti semitic.

I have been informed on many occasions that the major film studios in America are “controlled” by a very small number of wealthy jews. This is what Ihave been told, from multiple sources. I do not personally know it is true unless the asshole Anderson and Cooper clans are jewish descent.

Over the years I’ve come to realize how much fear is induced in children towards pagan belief and how badly different pagan people have been portrayed.

I’m starting to find it very unsettling.

If you were to place a very sharp nosed obviously jewish person, with a couple of specific jewish caricatures, in the place of any character represented as a witch…

there would be a mass public outcry.

If you portrayed an old jew as a smelly person with horrible potions and evil intent, or the greedy jewish goldmiser attacking his community members for his own profit.

there would be a problem.

I don’t know.

I know more jewish people that aren’t like that.

I come from a place where people actually tried to ban Harry Potter
until it swept the world. So.

Shouldn’t we create an association similiar to the jewish league that’s sole purpose is to sue people over the representations of pagans and “witchcraft” that are misleading or cast a negative connotation?

I think that’s what we need.


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Canadian State Funded Terrorist Support Organizations: Why the Masons and the Salvation Army are like Islam and the Taliban

This is really an interesting comparison
I’m getting to this and the 3 previous works in progress very quickly
just teasing you with what’s coming up!

This is going to be kind of like a previous article where I compared the average christian potbellied gun toting arab hater to a taliban insurgent. I thought it was quite funny how similar they were.

But in this article we will take a cursory look at how our provincial and federal governments are giving billions of taxpayer dollars to thugs, gangsters, and christian religious extremists in every budget, through organizations that have headquarters in other countries. Terrorist support organizations working towards a religious or political coordinated attack against the Canadian economy and its citizens.

A Mason, or a gang member aren’t really Canadian.
Masonism comes before their country and its citizens.
Just like Allah.

I also think all Celts should be allowed to carry knives in courts as well.
We are being discriminated against in favor of sikhs.

(I’m sortof kidding. Nothing against Sikhs, except that they hate fags and are also a religious paramilitary group. They feed more people than the Christians though.
I will say
that a Sikh policeman once lied to me
directly to my face
and as a Celtish breed of norwegian scottish german
I value honesty/truth more than anything else within the spirit or material
and so
my assessment of the honorability of Sikhism
is compromised by this situation
regarding a Sikh
in a VPD uniform
with a Kirpan
yet I can not carry
a Kris or Athame.)

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Class Actions: How mass suicides and killing sprees became the only effective mechanism against institutional and societal pack oppressions.

Ghandi’s process was too slow
We are a Mc Dick’s culture now
speeding up societal evolution
through an instinctual mass wave of teenage and elder suicide
or depressed underemployed serfs going on killing sprees after being evicted or psychologically tormented for years.

I think, personally, anyone who wants to kill themselves in depression after being tormented for a long time by a group of people should go the killing spree route.

It works like this
A group of people are calling someone a slut or fag constantly, mocking them, laughing at them, making concerted efforts to steal from them and taunt them, etc.

If the person calls the police or an authority figure like a teacher who doesn’t give a shit then nothing will be done, no one will even take a look at what’s going on, and if they do, they’ll just shrug it off. It’s too much bother to get into things like that if you can’t just see what’s happening in a couple of minutes. So many more important things to do.

So useless authority fuck goes away.

The tormenting continues and even is stronger because obviously no one will do anything about it unless the person being tormented does.

At this point, thousands of people of all ages kill themselves each year, because of shitty people in their “community”.

No one cares, every one says they do, they spend lots of money talking about it and having big dinners. At the same time, its happening to thousands more.

Everyone forgets the loser who committed suicide, and later the people who were mocking them get to sit around and laugh for hours. They’ll trot that story out every couple years.

If the person being harassed kills 10 of the 20 people who are involved in tormenting them, everyone remembers them, some of their enemies are dead, the enemies that aren’t dead no longer have a funny story to tell because your torture and its humorous aspects gets overshadowed by the death of their shitty friends or family, or that limb they lost.

In this scenario the victim gets fucked over too, death or jail usually, unless they meticulously plan and watch lots of movies made by gangsters that show them how to get revenge.

But in one scenario the shitheads get to laugh forever.

In the other, they bleed and cry and shut the fuck up and as a group they avoid pissing people off in the future because they remember when that geek or fag or slutty drunk girl got pissed off

and fucked them right back.

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my fucking hometown

I guess I have to write about my shitty little hometown and my shitty backstabber father who lives there.

I haven’t seen him in 10 years. I don’t care to.

I think a lot about where I grew up
the town that perpetually loses its children

a beautiful summer resort
deserted in the winter
a town without money or hope

Where the shittiest rednecks have regular work for the town
and the people that have jobs in the 5 stores or so
make jack shit

all the intelligent children flee.

What a great place
to call

I remember the trees and the water
I did a lot of hiking and riding

Such a beautiful place
to have nothing
and no hope really
of ever having anything there

a lonely place of buffoons and bullies
where no one really ever had any happiness
not the people I knew

I remember visiting my father
living in a trailer
his retirement home

I wasn’t welcome there
not really

mocked regularly
there’s that unemployed bum

no jobs anywhere
no respect

I watch my father
work for the town tycoon
who owns the trailer and rents it to him

He’s so ingratiated
quick to please
I had to leave
watching my old man grovel
for 5 bux an hour under the table

That’s what they admire
my father admired him, the tycoon
I wanted to murder him

He made everyone grovel like that

everyone grovelling for little bits of money
everyone snarling at each other
I’m a good slave
why aren’t you working too?

Because I detest slavery
and slave minds
who can barely read
telling me

I’m wrong

The recreational vehicles, boats, skidoos
every summer it fills up

and in the fall we see again the truth
when they are gone

there’s nothing here
and we subsist

No car, no job, no money
get out and get a job
get out and get a job

I wanted to go to university
at 17 with my honors grades
but the $3500 I had saved to buy a car
had to be used to feed the family
during a rough spot

so no car.

no car, no job, no future
jack fucking shit
oh yeah
I guess it’s beautiful

and lonely
and hopeless

honors student
a “star” in the play
not worth anything to rednecks
my plans and dreams to get a degree and work on music

as if they never existed
childish dreams
of futures

I remember bowing
at the prom
a long slow bow
to everyone

as I stood in the doorway
with no money for a suit
unable to dance
with the girl I really did like
but never was able to be with

I should have been in a tux too
dancing or sitting at a table
but I couldn’t

so I bowed
and left

I left.

I remember the day I left
I wasn’t even offered a ride to the city
I took a suitcase with wheels
and walked to the highway
hitchiked to edmonton
and got on a bus

get out
get a job

My father didn’t want a future with us
he wanted a place to retire

He has retired

He wonders why I will never visit him and his new family
a new wife with kids that did things right
they have jobs and cars
they made something of themselves

unlike my brother and I

beautiful places of poverty and futility

Why would we return?

To be mocked?

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Kill them or Die: Why all of humanity must murder or incarcerate every mason.

They are enslaving and murdering all of you and they are in control of the legal system. Kill them or die.

They are worse than the Taliban or Islam
The control our courts, police, our hospitals
They manipulate our politics and undermine democracy and human rights in every country in the world

and they act self satisfied in their right to do so

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The FBI killed more children at waco than most mass shootings in schoolyards.

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She bought the shirt, I just laughed at her good taste!

She bought the shirt, I just laughed at her good taste!

I don’t know her personally.
It’s from the web.
I think it’s from the states
in which case
she would be promoting an illegal activity
since ass-sex is 21 in most states

Its obviously her own choice.

And its FUNNY.

I know girls that stick their hands in each others holes.
Not my hand, it’s too big.
And I would get in trouble with someone like above so I would be restricted to flirting.
But they do that to each other.

What was her excuse? oh yeah
“Babies come out of there. My hand is smaller than a baby!”

I’m fine with it if she demands, but it hurts to have your hand crushed in fleshy handcuffs for an hour or so.
Honestly, it really hurts my hand.


Speaking of good taste.

I was readng about Female Ejaculation on the wikipedia.
At like, 4 am.

There was an anthropological anecdote about a tribe whose female rite of passage encompassed the older women teaching the younger women to hit the wall with the liquid. Which I thought was interesting since that would mean it could be a learned or taught behavior/technique.

Another thing I found interesting was how little the male dominated medical profession understood this until 1990. The amount of blatantly wrong assertions and descriptions created and presented in the article as references in scientific/medical printed history are astounding. Truly.
Just “don’t worry about that silly woman…”


 So essentially, there are 2 kinds, just like males.
Thick white goop of about 1-5ml or a stream of thin clear almost urin like liquid which is not really urine but has some urine and a higher water content. Which would maybe be more like what happens at a prostrate release. Yet for all these centuries, male physicians have completely got this wrong and gave it all sorts of “hysterical” labels.
In fact they were conditioned by a christianized society to believe it was “wrong” or a “malfunction” or incontinence

from wiki:
It has been demonstrated that a large amount of lubricating fluid (filtered blood plasma with urine traces) can be secreted from this gland (Skene) when stimulated from inside the vagina. Some reports indicate that embarrassment regarding female ejaculation, and the mistaken notion that the substance is urine, can lead to purposeful suppression of sexual climax, leading women to seek medical advice and even undergo surgery to “stop the urine”.
And we implicitly trust such an ignorant medical system.


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If there was no third eyewitness, then there is no proof of rape.

If there was no third eyewitness, then there is no proof of rape.
That was actually law and standing legal precedent
up until less than 30 years ago.

There are still places where this is true.
There are many things like that.

You see.
Even though I was robbed by Robert Cooper and the people of Stargate Atlantis,
it isn’t beneficial to the masters.

In Canada, a handshake agreement is binding.
Contracts do not need to be written, they can be verbal and remain in force.

But to my family and “friends” and “community”
I am not really a victim of fraud and extortion and attempted murder

Unless you have a witness to the act that’s willing to testify
you were not raped or robbed

it did really happen
for years, only a witness who actual saw the rape, didn’t get caught by the rapist, and was willing to testify, was the only way to get a conviction

sperm, dna, bruises even
all could be construed by the court as consensual
and the legal device called “hearsay”
prevented all people who the rapist might brag to
from being used in testimony

So even though 3000 members of IATSE and Pegasus productions
all know the story about how Robert and Andy sat with me and ripped me off
to get the storyline for Atlantis
that’s innadmissible
its hearsay

unless I have a recording
or people that witnessed the event themselves

I do,
but both of those chicks got burned pretty bad and messed up.
So they can’t even remember.

I guess that might have happened to someone else before eh?
Raped and beaten, the cops are unsympathetic, or just plain mocking her
everyone indifferent or even laughing

Just clean yourself off and get back to being a good slave after your beating
because they will make everyone work more
if they back yo up or show you sympathy

Nowadyas, if you are raped with GHB
its the same,
you looked like you were enjoying it
it serves you right
for something or other you did
if you weren’t such a, that wouldn’t have

it really didn’t

because if we admitted that it did
our illusions of equality and societal evolution
would be dashed
by the sharpest of reality’s edges

they all know I didn’t
get paid a fucking cent
I’ve listed people involved, police have sent me harrassing comments on the internet mocking the fact that I don’t get justice
and  never will

I imagine a few young women sat with rape counsellors who really didn’t care, it was just a job, and if she doesn’t have the legal requirements for the case, such as a present witness, then really there is nothing you can do so
“focus on getting your life back together”

We are a society that puts smiles and laugh tracks
on torture and misery

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I was thinking about all those old movies
the british period pieces about the colonies
africa, india

I was thinking about the rich british elites
having tea in the poshest places
“taking care of all the paperwork and business
for you savages”

countries full of poor people
lorded over by people
with slaves

they always have slaves
and servants

slave, servant, whore, moron-thug
those sycophants thrive
in such environments

from a society on the edge
we ebb backwards
into glistening clean genocide
made by laughing thugs
in clean uniforms

The nazis were respected people
they held big fancy parties
in suits and dress
they had cultured dinners and hospitals
they ran thriving businesses

and when they slowly started screwing all the
“unwanted people” over
non nazi, non conforming, non german girls
could just be raped

and it would be justified by everyone
over breakfast

Doctgors, lawyers, police, soldiers
accountants, movie crews, government officials
whole countries turned to fascism quickly
and the first step is wiping away rights
in their big magical illusion machine

called “law”

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Worldwide American Standing Armies: Psyops and Cultural Suppression in the New World Order

4000 men anywhere in the world at any time.


Because they are already there.

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Satan’s Typewriter

“Masturbation is Satan’s Typewriter”
The current generation of children and teenagers learn more from the internet than from their peers and parents or even tv.
Want to hear something cool about church?
My mother has a tithe in her church right?
Plus all the other contributions,
in 25 years she has given them let’s say $80K+
seriously, it’s probably twice that
and I’ve run a number of restaurants and was also an excellent student.
Which is worth jack fucking shit
to all you students out there
in “high school”
Its bullshit.
Get out fast and make money before you are 24
or you won’t have money you’ll have debt
no one cares about marks
the marks don’t get anyone work
It only that you make money,
the church is worth a $80k
but my family wouldn’t invest $20k in a business loan for someone in the family,
they were
a christian
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dis = order
dis – ease
dys – phoria
dys – function

These are word programming tools to make INTERSEX humans as wrongly formed – DIS – formed from the NORMAL gender binary

the wording makes us
DIS – tinct
we can be Dis-owned, Dis-enfranchised, Dis-missed,

this syllable is a negative one, a perjorative
Dis – turbing
the people in the clinics who get all the money set aside for dealing with these DIS – gusting De – formed group of people who DE – viate from male/female marriage normality, those people get paid to explain to us how wrong we are and how we just have to leave that alone.
The money was all spent in them mocking us
there’s none left for our actual healthcare.

If you have a lot of intersex friends or associates
do a little survey
I bet you 9 out of 10 has had serious mental health issues
but if you actually know them
they are fine
but the mental health label is necessary
So no one will take our Dis – reputable words seriously
if you have a set if Dis – eases then you can DI – vide people who are united under a common pronoun as the intersexed, and turn them into Dis – crete groups of separate dis – orders.
As Intersex people, we earn the group inclusion rights of this larger group encompassing more than 5 separate div – isions.
As that larger group we can require advocacy, legal protection, and specialist medical care, as in – div – iduals we are just separated out from the group protection by the pack of the medical society after they make us out to be dis – eased in distinct forms.

As the group Intersex, we encompass hundreds of millions of humans in various stages of medical and cultural suppression, as dis – orders, we have no inherent group identity to hide behind or be proud of.

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Does “God” have a Penis?

I mean

she said he was invisible and that she spoke to him all the time

he was all around us

I asked if he had a penis

She said no and then yes

and then something about being formed in his image

You don’t have a penis

I said

Do you actually hear a voice?



she said

but I feel his presence


I said

You speak to him daily, identify him as male, can’t see him, aren’t sure if he has a penis, have never heard him speak, are still certain that he’s male.

And there. Hmm. You’re certain he’s there as you feel his presence.


Do you believe in Telepathy?

I said

Not really.

Not like, people talking to each other with their minds and stuff,

that would be wierd

She says.


I said.

So you’ve never been a Tree?

A what?

She says

How long have you believed in this “god” that doesn’t talk to you?

I said

I guess

She told me more

about it


what she thought

about him

I wondered why someone would work with a Godform

or one projected for them by their “trusted” priest

if there was no direct mental speech

outside of flashy rituals

and private personal workings


and hearing

and seeing


would be how to interact with a Godform

since it is your own mind

that must take away benefit from the exchange

and communication of that visionary sort is very metaphorical

it doesn’t

make sense

to me

it rarely does

To leap and trust

because that is what is expected

and everyone else does

so…I should too…?

It seems silly

I know

the idea of that

big invisible penis

its kind of like

an elephant

in a tiny room

full of people

who don’t want to talk about it

“If you’re going to tell people the truth,
make them laugh,
otherwise they’ll kill you”
– O. Wilde

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Billeting the DraGOONs – The disruptors attracted your gatherings like evil moths

Pagans exhibit and grow their spirituality outside

this is why outdoor gatherings are so quickly dispersed by police

in the absence of legal gathering places like churches

we found fields to dance in

in the midst of our drum circles and gatherings we think we have safety and equality

but if we look around

we find the dragoons

the shitty gangster fuck who takes over the loudest instrument, playing off time

drunk and mocking

the rocker union boys

just setting up a picnic nearby

and blaring their blasters

where you have always gathered

They are charming

and have money

and its a free world

you can’t stop them from coming


you throw rocks at them

or start a fight

they will never get in any trouble for it

they’re doing what the masters want

creating fear and tension

so the heathens

will flee

I stopped going to your events

funky people with music and dancing

there were always a couple of the disruptors

usually from surrey or a union

and amongst your people pronouncing the need for equality

I found as much jeering

as any other shitty scene

so it wasn’t worth staying

and trying to compete

with the dragoons

If you were really aware as pagans

you would actually learn to fuck them up

but I guess

that is why the Eloi

were food

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The Jesus Zombie – an easter fable

This isn’t my idea

I don’t know if even belongs to the guy who told it to me

I’ve embellished it considerably

but you may recreate it faithfully if you wish

I have no copyright on either the Passion or:

Jesus as a zombie

The Zombie Christ


It makes me think

jesus rising from the dead as a zombie

and the first 2 people that actually are waiting up for him

because they love him so

replenish his brain supply so he can continue

That’s a great easter story

before and after zombification donkey riding pans and closeups

the whole tomb transformation scene

n fact

you could write it up so that the zombification was already taking hold

when he bit off Judas’ ear,

so that would clear him of that cannibal stigma

that the whole ear biting thing was causing for some people.

If there were 2000 zombie movies of Jesus Zombies

That would be better than just zombie

zombies fucking suck

but you could mix it up with Day of the Dead meats Passion of the Zombie Christ

It could be a dramatic tearjerker with maggots and pus

and romans

so many fucking romans

romans and pirates turned to zombies

a battlefield of zombies with beer

there for the whole nailing scene

This is a period piece, right?

There’s no tv, but they got beer

unless its like a future apocalypse retelling thing

then they might have TV projection

Pirates and romans and jock zombies

with a little crowd of christians at the center

watching in horror

and fascination

I mean

that’s the crucial money shot moment anyway

the long death scene

with hints of the coming zombification

for viewers in the know

lots of fucking zombie robot romans

barely able to speak

they can’t even say “brains”

they just say


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Jesus was dark BROWN…

Jesus was BROWN.

His hair was curly black

He had BROWN eyes

He didn’t speak english

He didn’t watch football or racing.


He was brown. Almost BLACK.

Not white.

Just throwing that out there for all you folks that like to

“Git ‘er Dun!”

I know I’ve said it before

I thought it bore repeating

for the moron boys

All of the holy apostles were brown.

They were BROWN!!!!

not white


Somewhere in history he got bleached

after the romans took over the collection money

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Complaint Procedure – the fascists laughed, because | I wouldn’t get on the fucking train…


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What the Death of Jesus represents, metaphorically, to a non-christian:

1. If you are spiritual and have big gatherings and talk about tolerance the kids will love you.

2. The older people who have orthodox right wing views and are good well paid slaves will hate you because their kids that hate them love you. They also hate long hair because they are bald and are afraid of their anuses being too filthy to touch.

3. Eventually the backstabbers and gossipers and lynch instigators will wear you down or set you up or realize you have ideas or property of value and they will ask the Romans to kill you. Even though everyone hates the Romans and knows they are the real criminals that are fucking everyone over, but you can’t fight them so get on their good side whenever possible. Always lots of people ready to suck Roman cock for perks.

4. Once the Romans are involved, even the people that hate the Romans will scream at the Romans to kill you.

5. Everyone that ever liked you will, in the face of all of that, denounce you and pretend they never liked you. Your family will gladly tell them everything shitty they can about you and help, especially if you are worth money.

6. Everyone who doesn’t have anything else to do will all get together to throw rocks while you carry your shit to where they’re gonna kill you. Even the people that knew you will throw rocks, otherwise they will be noticed for not throwing rocks. Your family members will be in the crowd. They will have fucking rocks too.

7. The Romans will kill you.

8. Everyone will watch on pay per view if they can’t be there. It will be a spectacle. There might even be beer commercials during the breaks in torment. Union Made. The local police will run crowd control and grounds security for the event. Everyone will have a party and laugh while they rewind the good parts.

9. The Romans will divide up anything you have of value.

10. The people of your community will divide up the rest. Your family will fight about it all later.

11. Afterward no one will speak well about you. It will be a good thing that you were publicly humiliated and killed. It was good for everybody.

12. The next generation they’ll do it to someone else.

13. 100 years later you and your works will be the tourist attraction for the community that screamed for your murder.

14. If you die dramatically there will be a statue covered in pigeon shit representing your martyrdom.

15. If you don’t die dramatically, you won’t even get your fifteen minutes of fame for hanging up there.

What Jesus represents

If you look up at him hanging there just the right way

is this:

Do what the Romans tell you to or you’ll end up like me.

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Clear Precedent Danger – why every queer and freak should take law in post secondary…

Your rights as a human being in Canada are not inherent

like all systems arisen from colonialism

the Canadian legal system is specifically designed to maintain the status quo against human societal evolution and pervasive rights

For decades an atrocity can be committed by administrations of respected governments

as long as there is little proof and no outward signs

it will be allowed to continue

until someone of the slave classes

takes their savings and time

years and thousands

to set a Precedent

This is why entry to law school is very restrictive

Every queer and witch and freak in Canada

can be ripped off with impunity

anyone, really

in Harper’s Canada,

only profit matters

and “God”

method and motive

and culture,

or lack thereof

are inconsequential

They tell you to do what you love

I tell you that’s bullshit

right out of school

take accounting or law

after you have a degree in that

be yourself

because if any of your ideas or creations are of value

you will need a lawyer

so why not start your life debt to the education system by prepaying for the legal representation you will invariably need?

If you want rights, real ones

you have to pay for them

a society that progresses


by challenging laws of the past

that entrench injustice

not justice

to evolve past overdressed simians

bowing frantically to white robed holy monkeys,

to a world where humans can fuck how they like

and create families outside

of the christian binary construct,

a world where evolution is admired but it is still a place where people can believe in different spiritual constructs without suppression,

you need Precedence

to continue evolving

silly monkeys

Precedence only comes

from from humans FIGHTING unjust law.

Fighting Law is the only way to evolve Law.

It is only through our conflict with laws that law and society evolve

anachronous or oppressive, or discriminatory laws,

entrenched for centuries

have to be fought by slave citizens with their own slave money

Masters do not want the law to change

and they can pay well to manipulate law and create more controlling or thieving Precedents.

Injustice in “law” is held SACRED until it is destroyed

by a Precedence.

Law in Canada as it stands, promotes inequality and oppression

Almost all evolutions in law start with someone who recieves unjust treatment at the hands of law, confronting law on their own dime.

They usually die penniless

and 2 centuries later are vindicated.

So instead of taking art, silly little witchies and faggots

trannies and freaks and musicians and dykes and everybody that’s not in a good christianized nuclear family workin’ fer the union to Git ‘er Dun,

all you queer folk,

Take Law.

Set a few Precedents.

You’ll make a lot more money than the other slaves

because all of the hegemony will try to distract you

simply to avoid

the evolution

of Precedent.

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Quisling Culture: Harper, Christy, and the Crime Families vs. Your Family

They have a very small minded idea of what a family is.

There are so many real “families” of people living together that don’t conform to their christian gangsgter ideal of what a “proper” family is.

They discriminate and oppress you from this imaginary position of superiority.

Harper’s growing fascist state loves the gangs

that’s why so many billions are paid out to the “faith based charities” that are really gangs laundering money for the rich and targeting the enemies of the state

The state has always needed bullies

and since they learned what a mess public genocide is

they moved back to the previous policy

billeting the dragoons in the cultural neighborhoods

Christy and Stephen have no problem going to church

then paying $300 million dollars out to a bunch of “charities” run by the italians and the hells angels and yes, the cia too

That was Georgies selling point to Harper

“We’re funding faith based poverty initiatives,

not state sponsored criminal gangs attacking lefties, witchies, and queers”

Its all in how you present it.

The indians were relocated to “help them”

die of course, but hey it looks good when you sell it right

Do you all realize

that we could end all of the public debt in Canada

90% of which was incurred by our debt to the gang run unions

the welfare people didn’t break our budgets

the unions did

the gang unions

that Stephen employs

We could vaporize all that public debt in one single month

ALL of it.

Not decades of belt tightening for everybody

its very simple

use the new expanded police powers you’ve gradually grown under everyone’s noses, and absorb all of the assets and companies owned by organized crime groups and their subsidiaries.

In one single week, the Canadian fiscal deficit crisis would be over

If you then went and absorbed all of the corporations who owe the fed more than 50% of their capital assets in tax payments, we as Canadians would be in the black again.

You’ve dismantled our healthcare and made legal representation impossible to get for anyone without money Mr. Harper

You want to throw 15 year olds in jail for a few pot plants

but your buddies at the Salvation Army and IATSE get your gov’t handouts

for the good work they do importing cocaine for your rich friends

Canadians have less money in their pockets than when you started Mr. Prime Minister. Except your buddies in the gangs. They’re living large.

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Why every Queer should marry a Straight person early in life…

…and then divorce them when it’s convenient.

Do it before you are 20

Your whole redneck family will turn against you and fuck you over because you are queer,

so marry a straight right out of high school

get all the gifts and perks that families hand out to their good newly married children

take the bank loans, the cheaper insurance, the jobs that suddenly appear,

when you are 22-23, divorce them, split up the booty

and go handfast with someone more conducive to a real life of non fakeness

Your family will be shocked

but so what, if you had been honest with your queer self like they try and tell you you can be, you would have got NOTHING but derision from your family.

So a fag and a dyke marrying just to have the marriage on paper so they can get all the discriminatory perks is completely justified. Each can have their real sex partner living in the house too, legally it is only the marriage on paper that matters.

The Christian Hegemony wants you to believe that it is a holy thing, man0woman marriage.

Love is holy. That’s all. marriage is a cult dominated cultural bias which allows 20-30% of the population to discriminate against the majority, LEGALLY.

They can LEGALLY discriminate against you all..

Christians have this weird idea that they’ve tried to take over the world with.

That because you live together and fuck someone that you should share their debts and profit.

Each person should keep their own debts and profit

There should be no support from exes,

if the child rearing parent outside of the relationship is having trouble then society is not caring for for people with children properly in its design of the social safety net.

Otherwise, people marry because of the economic benefits(the ingrained discriminatory practices against singles) and they marry people not out of love but out of a future greed where they know if they fuck a rich person for 3 years and live with them that they can get a monthly check for the rest of their life.

It’s a long term whoring strategy used by the christians in power to institutionalize control and discrimination.

So all you faggots and dykes and trannies and kinksters

find yourself someone you don’t really love

and marry them just to get the perks that society illegally gives to married people.

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Marriage Cults

I predict that one day the concept of “lifetime marriage”,

a Christian Concept

will be ruled as unconstitutional

and the discriminatory rules and perks that married people get in their taxes, salaries, insurance costs, and job promotions will be outlawed

Marriages will be fixed term with clearly defined rules to make sure that the participants assets remain separate and that they have a specific co-owned couples account for shared costs.

Children will go with one or the other parent, all financial ties will be severed at the time of separation

We must separate the church and state

Marriage is a Christian tool of mind control that is used to make people conform to a christian set of ideals.

It divides people more than it connects them,

it separates families by making them enemies over money

and it ingrains discrimination and favoritism against single people in society, finance and law.

My brother might be a stupid redneck cunt-fuck

but he gets job offers, promotions, way cheaper insurance, and more than 10 times the credit, just because he’s married to someone. That is discrimination. It really is.

Look at the managers at your company where you work

The managers are all married, and between a single person and someone who is married, the married person ALWAYS gets the promotion, even though somone else might do a better job.

From the special advisor on religious discrimination at the UN:

In his report, the expert warns that human rights violations against persons belonging to religious minorities include disproportionate bureaucratic restrictions, denial of appropriate legal status positions needed to build up or uphold a religious infrastructure, systematic discrimination and partial exclusion from important sectors of society, discriminatory rules within family laws, and indoctrination of children from minorities in public schools.“The human rights-based approach,” he explained, “takes respect for the self-understanding of human beings as its systematic starting point.” “In keeping with the principle of normative universalism, the rights of persons belonging to religious minorities cannot be confined to the members of certain predefined groups,” Mr. Bielefeldt said. “Instead, they should be open to all persons who live de facto in the situation of a minority and are in need of special protection to facilitate a free and non-discriminatory development of their individual and communitarian identities.”

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a tree

cooltree copy_1

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The Girl didn’t Die From Bullying, She died because of lack of justice…and indifferent police.

In B.C.

What about that girl that was gang raped at the Pitt Meadows bush party?

Oh, right, she didn’t kill herself so we can forget that happened here.

I mean, she wasn’t killed like that girl on the train in india, so it wasn’t really that bad.


Just “kids”

having “fun”

in the Greatest Place on Earth

Not much the police can do about it.

They don’t really care


They get paid either way

and I bet one or two of the boys involved

has a rich dad

Amanda Todd didn’t die from internet stalking

or bullying

she died from an institutionalized indifference

Every day in canada

someone else who is seriously fucked over by a gang or bullies

every day in Canada, they call the police

and are laughed at

unless you can prove it yourself

the police won’t spend resources to prove what happened to you

you’re just another slave

and union resources like police

are expensive

The girl’s trauma was caused by no one

not even herself

doing something about it

and since her death another 150 people in Canada her age have killed themselves

over something similiar

Where no one did anything

and everyone tells them to call the police

who stand around chuckling

before saying

“There’s really nothing we

can do”

Bullies and gangsters make more

remember that

be a bully

and you’ll be rewarded


But what about the adults?

They get it worse

we’ve spent as a society about $30 million

on Bullying conferences for kids

Save the Kids!

Save the Kids!

There are 4 or 5 times as many adults

experiencing the same thing

every day

but the conferences ignore them

because they aren’t kids

That;s what’s wrong

its not just a high school thing

it permeates our society

We know the police are inneffective

except in simple violent crime

but when someone kills themself

there are no bruises

and the police are allowed to choose

whether they will bother

to investigate


Its easier to build up your employee file

doing simpler things

arresting drunks and such

spending a couple of weeks trying to help one person?

they don’t even bother

There is no justice in Canada for anyone who cannot afford to make their own.

And what about that young 19 year old ontario girl

locked away for more thsn s yesr for stealing a cd and throwing an apple

She didn’t get any justice

She was trying to kill herself because of the inherent injustice of the situation

an injustice the police were propogating

the justice who sent her to jail should be lynched

but there are no repercussions for bad judges, policemen or politicians

The main problem is that the police officers are allowed to decide for themselves whether or not to investigate any particular crime, and they specifically are instructed to not waste resources.

Someone who is harassed online for showing their tits is really just a laugh to them, when they can make 5 arrests in an hour just targeting drunks and crackheads. They aren’t going to charge anyone for calling someone a slut. They won’t charge someone for calling anyone any names at all. They don’t consider verbal harrassment by social groups to be a crime.

It was OK for all the yuppie jocks to mock the goth kids of columbine. That’s ALLOWED. The outsiders retaliate and they are seen as the “evil bastards” but really, if there was proper justice and court and legal representation for people they could maybe taken the rich whelps to court – NOT.

If you get robbed by a gang and they are gone when the police arrive, they won’t look, its a waste of time to them. I had a friend have $5K worth of stuff burgled, an officer didn’t even come to the door. A crackhead steals a pack of smokes and 6 cops will be there, a crackhead or drunk is passed out in the deserted house down the street and they sent 2 firetrucks and an ambulance, $2K worth of union workers for a drunk.

Do you think any police officer is ever going to investigate the fact that my CT scan was swapped on orders from a doctor involved in Therapeutic privelege? Do you think any cop is going to investigate the rich american fucks who ripped off some east van faggot?


They’ll drag a drunk off to the tank for $10K worth of Detox, but they didn’t spend any time or effort on dying whores, robbed and harassed faggots, or little girls who can’t keep their shirt on.

They don’t give a flying fuck, its just a job, and they are only in it for the money and power.

If you have money and power, you’ll get justice.

Otherwise, just be a good slave and shut up, because they aren’t going to investigate anything on your behalf when there is good money to be made taking bribes from gangsters to ignore the whores and drug dealers.

We have a “community cop” in our neighborhood, and he stands around joking with the crack and heroin dealers!

What about police harrassment?

Is that included in your new “bullying” law talk?

2 times a police officer from the VPD has made comments on my blog after a court appearance.

Twice. Mocking me.

What about being jailed for 3 days for calling a doctor a cunt because she was the 9th docotr I went to and all 9 mocked me for my birth genetics. They laughed. They swapped medical records, they mocked me right in the CT scan lab!

My last court appearance the prosecuting attorney tried to make the REMOVAL OF THIS BLOG as a condition of release!

How many millions have we paid out to “talk” about bullying in school, when its really a society wide problem with a number of right wing union backed groups involved.

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“Finding God – The Movie” and “The American Invasion !!”

I’m going to find God.

And capture it on film.

The search of course

in all the nooks and crannies

of our minds.

But before I start, let’s get this clear:

I don’t believe in God or Satan.

Or Heaven.

Or the concept of Hell as a destination of Torment

But I believe in human spirituality.

This will be interesting…

It might take me a while.

I need a camera and a better rig for editing.

This will be cool.

So cool.

I’m also planning a movie, 2 actually, a doc and a comedy, on the invasion of Canada by American CIA agents using Canadian films and drug smuggling film unions as a cover for the targeting and character assassination of lefty pothead Canucks with socialist tendencies.It will be followed by a spin off called Canadian Traitors, where the dumbest redneck Canadians who suck american military dick for perks like good jobs harrass and intimidate every Canadian cultural worker they can find, justifying it by giggling like a bunch of fat schoolgirls saying “you shoulda joined the union!!” or any other excuse they can bring up for why the person deserved their fate.

Of course, both of the “American Invasion!!!!”(tm) series will have the usually stupidified Canadian politicians clamouring over each other to bend over for the americans, and happily going along ith everything to help get rid of the terrorist socialist pagan un-christian hordes of useles people who won’t be good slaves for the american masons who are in seats of power all throughout the canadian social and legal and health systems.

Every episode starts off with another loveableCanadian loser who believes that the social safety net is essential in a society where it hits minus 30+ and all the good jobs go to people who were born in other countries, to keep the canucks from ever gaining any hold on their own society and its rulers.

Every episode or 3 episode arc will show the horrible lefty bohos getting framed and red-baited and ostracized from their own families and communities for real or imagined “transgressions” endlessly talked about by plastic TV personalities groomed for vacuous information misdirection.

Lots of closeups of plasticized canucks speaking reverentially about “american life” while their families slowly disintegrate from lack of healthcare or credit.

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